Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

  • Sweet Pea is obsessed with Elmo and Peppa Pig
  • I can't stop looking at newborn things
  • We're going to the beach tomorrow! (Monday)
  • Sweet Pea has learned to say "I'm hungry", and it's the cutest thing ever! She says it even when she's just eaten, but it's still cute!
  • Sweet Pea says "Oh man!" when an app closes on the iPad. It's pretty funny.
  • She had SO much fun at the beach, and fell asleep in the stroller for the first time, ever! 
  • Sweet Pea calls all nuts "coconuts" lol
  • Going swimming tonight! Sweet Pea loves the water!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hard parenting day

Yesterday was a hard parenting day. Toddlers are rough. Sweet Pea is well into her twos now, and boy does she let you know it. 

Yesterday was full of yelling, and failed potty training attempts. Sweet Pea's been asking to sit on the potty, so it's not me forcing her to go. But still, I don't think she's quite ready. She can't seem to stay seated on the potty. She likes to get up and explore, diaperless, and we have lots of carpet that I would rather not have pee on. She's peed in it once though, and got a chocolate chip. Then came and peed in the front room, and asked for one -_- I have no problem keeping her in diapers. They're cloth, and I love my cloth. 

You know what else she does? That I'm sure all two year olds do, she doesn't listen to save her life! It drives me up the freaking wall! I'll ask her to do something, and she just looks at me with this blank stare. Or if I ask her to stop doing something, she'll keep doing it, while looking at me with this little smirk. She's definitely two.

But you know what? I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I have that craving for a small baby again, that newborn squish *sigh*, baby rabies. I've got it bad. Someday. ;) 

Sweet Pea is becoming more and more verbal as the days go on. She now asks us to "cook a piece of cheese" with her. Which means to cook with her play kitchen, with her lol She's a riot. 

She's also a kiss machine. She loves to give kisses. Oh, and Peppa Pig! She's totally obsessed. She LOVES to jump in puddles, just like Peppa. Right now, she's pretending there are puddles all over the living room. 

So, I would say that today is better. I guess that's what it's all about right? There are good days and bad days? No one has good days all of the time. Even if they say they do, they don't. 
Yep. Definitely have the rabies.

I'm back on track with losing weight. I'm only 37 lbs away from not being "morbidly obese" anymore! That's big for me. I got stuck for a while, but am doing well again.  

*Edit: I'm actually only 27 lbs away from not being morbidly obese, but 37 away from my next goal :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

  • Sweet Pea's favorite word is "yuck" 
  • She got her first boo boo that required a bandage
  • She's in love with Peppa Pig. Like, ob-sessed. 
  • She calls my dad "Go-Pa"
  • She is completely paci free
  • Her favorite color is green
  • Her favorite letter is W

Monday, July 6, 2015

Microblog Monday: Children's Museum

A few weeks ago, my mom and I took Sweet Pea to the Children's Museum. It was SO much fun that we decided to get a membership. Since then, Mister and I have taken her several times. I'm itching to go back. 

This place is great for children of all ages. They have a pretend grocery store, a water table room, a digging room with little rubber rocks. Face painting, clay work, a giant light and bright, plus so much more! It's all very hands on.

Sweet Pea's favorites are the water tables, and the outside area, which has sand and a water fountain thing, that you can play in. We always bring a change of clothes for her, because she always ends up soaked. 

I highly recommend it for anyone with kids. Find one in your area.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Things Sweet Pea says

Sweet Pea's vocabulary has taken off the last couple of months. But she also says a lot of funny words too, that you wouldn't necessarily understand, unless you heard them all the time. I wanted to write them down, so I don't forget them when she's older and speaks more clearly.

  • Backaba - Pacifier
  • Mozzi - Mozzarella 
  • Bautsy - Barney (sounds a lot like mozzi)
  • Appoo - Apple
  • Appoo joo - Apple juice
  • Appoo saw - Apple sauce
  • Amama - Banana
  • Gree - Grapes
  • Caca cheese - Cottage cheese
  • Wawa - Water
  • Diapoo - Diaper
  • Guck - Duck 
  • How - Cat
  • Boo - Cow (which she's terrified of)
  • Gaa - Grandma/Grandpa
  • Yaoo - Yellow
  • Gee - Green
  • Boo - Blue (not to be confused with boo the cow)
  • Buh - Rabbit/Bunny/Butterfly lol
  • Mote - Remote
  • Ankat - Anklet
  • Hank - Thank you

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Birth Without Fear meetup

Yesterday was an amazing day! I was lucky enough to go to the birth without fear meetup. There were amazing speakers, a harmony circle, vendors, goody bags. Really, I'm not going to do it justice. There's still so much to process. 

Sweet Pea and I stayed the night up at my mom's, because she was going to watch Sweet Pea while I was at the meet up. We went to bed a full 30 minutes early, because we were going to have to get up extra early. Sweet Pea fell right to sleep. She had a full afternoon of playing outside in the dirt, and soaking up the sun, while nomming on some watermelon. We had also gone on a nice walk after dinner. I on the other hand, could. not. sleep. I was just too excited. I even took some melatonin to sleep. Did nothing. 

At about 1 am, I got up and made my lunch for the next day, then took another shower. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work. So at about 3 am, I painted my nails. Seems totally logical. I think I finally fell asleep around 4-4:30 am and had to be up at 7:30 am. A large coffee was in order.

Could you tell I was a little excited?

When I got to the venue, I started looking at the vendors a little and messaged a friend I was going to meet there. Then I saw Jen McLellen from Plus size mommy memoirs!!! I have been dying to hear her speak for ages! I've talked to her a few times online, but I was a little star struck when I saw her. I looked at her and said, "Oh my god. Oh my god." And she just gave me a big hug. We chatted for a minute, and I asked if I could have a picture with her. Seriously, I've gotten so much better at this then 3 years ago, when I met The Bloggess. I couldn't speak then. But now, I can actually carry a conversation. 

Jen was the first speaker, and I was SO freaking excited to hear her speak. I met up with my friend, and met her best friend. While we were waiting for Jen to start, January Harshe, who started Birth Without Fear came up to me. I looked at her, and again said "oh my god" lol I'm a woman of few words. January and I have a little bit of a bumpy past, so I wasn't sure how this day was going to go. I was really, really nervous about it. She knelt down, and said she just wanted to check in, because she knew I had social anxiety. How sweet is that woman? There are over 200 people at this event. Thousands of followers. And she comes up to me to ask me how I'm doing. I of course have the cheesiest grin on my face and said I'm fine. And I was. I made a couple new friends already, and I was surrounded by a group of my peers. 

Jen was amazing. She spoke about how plus size woman are capable to give birth vaginally, just like everyone else. How we should love our bodies, no matter the size. And how we should step out from behind the camera, and be in the pictures with our children. She also gave pointers on how to take the perfect picture. And had us take selfies lol It was worth the wait to see her. 

After Jen was Hermine Hayes-Kline, a lawyer for birth rights. Her title kind of explains what she talked about. She told quite a few horror stories about how women were mistreated in their births. I took this opportunity to go talk to January again, and get a picture with her. 

I wasn't sure if she remembered what had happened in the past or not, but she had. So we talked about it a little, and she confirmed a few things, and made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. She commented on how much weight I had lost, and about how long my hair is. She said it was almost at "mermaid" length lol 

Earth Mama Angel Baby was next. They talked about all the toxins in our body care products, and how Earth Mama didn't like it when she had babies. So they decided to make their own. This is actually when I went to go look at the vendors some more lol 

After Hermine was finished talking, it was time for lunch. My new friends went out for lunch, but I had packed mine. So I stayed behind and ate there. I tried to call my mom and check up on Daphne, but they were napping. 

After lunch we sat at numbered tables. I was lucky enough to get to sit with my new friends! We did a harmony circle. This was life changing. You're sitting at a table with complete strangers, spilling your heart out, and you know that you won't be judged. It was pretty amazing. There were so many tears, tissues were provided ;) and a lot of healing. Motherhood is hard, and with this harmony circle, you find out you're not in it alone. 
After the circle, we got to listen to January's birth stories. All six of them! She had six very different births. Although I enjoyed my c-section, how I was treated leading up to it was not OK. And some of the things she said made me ugly cry. Tissues were needed for that to.

It was great. It was wonderful meeting such strong women.

After January was done speaking, everyone got to meet her and take pictures. I waited in the long line too. I wanted thank her for being so gracious and welcoming. She was very sweet. I explained why I was having so much anxiety, and she apologized and said it's all in the past now. And you know what? It is. The person that caused all of this mess is no longer in either one of our lives.

I can't wait for BWF to come again! This was so fantastic, and I wish I could go back tomorrow! If you have a chance to go, GO!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alone time

We have hit sleep bliss in the 'Pea house. Ever since Sweet Pea was born, she has slept in mine or Mister's arms. Mainly mine. Recently, I have been laying down with her at nap time in bed, because she's simply too long to hold in my lap on the couch. I would lay there, while she slept, on my iPad. Getting nothing done. 
Then, I can't remember why, but I decided to get up. I wanted to vacuum without terrifying poor Sweet Pea. I wanted to sit up right. I wanted to clean up a little, because my mom is going to watch Sweet Pea this Saturday for the first time, while I'm at a conference. And she slept. She slept 3 hours. I was able to pick up all the toys, vacuum, put away her birthday presents (there will be a post about her party) and watch a mommy show, all without interruption. OH! And Mister and I were able to eat dinner, alone. Like a date. Without someone yelling for all our food.
Then I got really bold. I wanted more alone time with Mister. I started putting Sweet Pea to bed at our normal bedtime, and then would sneak away to watch a couple shows with Mister, alone. As well as eat popcorn. It. Was. Glorious. Going to bed at nearly 3am, and waking up at 9am is pure hell, but I regret nothing. Alone time is nice. Quiet is nice. A clean front room that I can enjoy, is nice. 

I love Sweet Pea more than anything in the entire world. But I forgot what it was like to be an adult. We're not one of those couples that goes out, ever. We don't need babysitters, ever. Having my mom watch Sweet Pea this Saturday is a huge deal for me lol This will be the first time I've ever left her with anyone but Mister. 

I'm sleep deprived now, but it's worth it.