Thursday, October 30, 2014

17 month update

 17 months. I have a walking, nearly talking 17 month old. Not quite sure how that happened. And the attitude on this child, whew! Let me tell you. Both Mister and I are quite stubborn, so she comes by it honestly.

Her favorite things to say are "hi" and "what's this?" And not just once. She says them about 20 times in a row. Which is ok, because her voice is adorable. And she talks to complete strangers, telling them "hi", in her high pitched, sweet toddler voice.

She stopped sitting still (well duh) for her monthly pictures a couple months ago, so we started taking them at the park. It rains half the year here, more like 3/4 of the year, so it was a bit of a challenge this month and the months to come, but we made it. Sweet Pea had a blast playing in the mud puddles and getting dirty. We support mud and dirt, it's good for the immune system.

We recently got our bathtub fixed, with the help of my dad and step mom, so Sweet Pea has been enjoying real baths and she loves them! We have to mop up the entire bathroom when she's finished, which is fine, it helps us keep it clean. 

We've been cooped up for so many days, Sweet Pea was just SO happy to be outside and able to run and play. We were the only ones at the park, could you imagine? On such a lovely day?

Sweet Pea was on a kissing strike for a couple months, and it was breaking my heart. But over the last couple of days, she's started giving them again! I may have cried. And hugs! She gives hugs, un provoked. And they're the best hugs I've ever had. Melts my heart into a puddle of goo. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why we won't be watching Sprout, until Halloween is over

Yesterday, when Mister and I were trying to get some work done around the house, we put Sweet Pea in the playpen and turned on Sprout, and toddler friendly channel. (We now have to jail her, because she's learned to climb, but can't quite get down).

I was folding laundry, and Mister was washing dishes. All of a sudden, we heard a blood curdling scream. Mister ran into the front room and Sweet Pea was pointing to the TV, screaming. There was a Party City commercial on, for Halloween. He comforted her and she was fine. 

Today, while I was folding diapers, Mister was playing with Sweet Pea with Sprout on in the background. I was in the other room, and I heard her scream again. I ran out to the front, and that damn commercial was running again! The fact that they even play this commercial on a channel aimed at such young children, just blows my mind.

At the very end of the commercial, there is a sugar skull painted lady, that gets close to the camera and hisses. I think that's what scares Sweet Pea the most. It was scaring her so much, that she would panic when any commercial would come on. So, for now, we'll be sticking to onDemand. Or, no TV at all. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Keeping it real

Something I don't talk about on this blog, is my mental health. I used to have another blog where I could let it all out, but a little over a year ago some stuff went down, and I got majorly cyber bullied. So, I took it down, and made this one that just focuses on Sweet Pea. 

The fact of the matter is, I have bipolar disorder. Every summer I go manic, and ever fall/winter, I get depressed. The depression started a little early this year. Like, the same day the mania was ending. The mania was also really rough this year, medicine wasn't helping much at all. The whole point to this, why I'm even bothering saying anything, is this is the reason I haven't been blogging. I am currently too overwhelmed to breathe, and all summer I was too fidgety to sit still to write anything out.

We all do the best we can as parents. I am doing the best I can as a mom, wife, daughter and friend. And most days I feel as though I've failed miserably. Sweet Pea watches too much tv, I don't pay enough attention to Mister, I've let my parents down in every way possible, and I'm such a recluse that I can't make a simple play date with my friends and their kids. 

But, I know I'm doing the best that I can with the cards I was dealt. Just keeping it real.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Heartbreak to pure joy in 30 minutes

My mom and I went to the Just Between Friends sale this weekend. We  went in with a plan to buy just a few things for fall, and a few things for winter. I don't want to end up with too many clothes that Sweet Pea doesn't get to wear. First world problems, am I right? Anyway, that was the plan... but they had so many cute things there! 

We got her Christmas dress, for $10! Most everything we got was either red, or pink. Except for two or three items, which were white. And they're all adorable, I can't wait for it to cool off so I can start dressing her up in this stuff lol 

We wash everything used that comes into the house, because you never know. Besides, one of the outfits smelled like cheese. So I threw everything in the wash, straight away. Can you see where I'm going with this? 

I pulled the wash from the machine, and out came my favorite off white sweater, with little pumpkins and bunnies, and red splotches?? Well shit! I was heart broken. I forgot about it when I threw it all in the wash. My mom read to do a vinegar didn't work. What were we going to do? It was only $5, but I loved it! 

I threw the rest in the dryer. While the rest was drying, the sweater was still soaking. Mister grilled up some burgers and dogs and we ate. 

I went through all the clothes again, reminiscing about our awesome finds, when I saw it. Another shirt ruined. This time set in by being dried. I took it out to Mister, practically in tears for being so foolish. He took the shirt, and said he could fix it. Boy was he right!

He dyed them both!! They're still wet in these pictures, but aren't they just perfect? I think I love the sweater even more now! I wish I wad gotten before shots, but oh well. Oh! I just love them!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I have a toddler

Sweet Pea has grown and changed so much. I know I say that all the time, but it's always true. She's a toddler now. I will always see her as my little baby, but she's a tot for sure. 

She has a mind of her own, is a spirited child and isn't afraid to tell us how it is. 

We went to the park a couple of times last week to get some pictures of her, because we had been neglectful in that department all month. We were letting her run around in the grassy area, to burn of some energy. By the time it was time to leave, the meltdown that was thrown our way was outrageous! Arching of the back, kicking of the legs. The whole nine yards. 

BUT! We did get some cute pictures. Priorities, am I right?

Sweet Pea can now say about 10 words, give or take a word. She doesn't say them in context really. Except "no". She's got that one down. And sometimes "Ow", like when she pinches us, or pulls my hair. Then she'll say "ow. Yes baby, ow. -_- 

Even on trying days, at the end of the day, when we snuggle up together in bed, my heart fills with joy. I'm so lucky to be her mama. Seeing her grow and explore everyday is so exciting. Exhausting. But thrilling, none the less.

Friday, August 22, 2014

5 days of giveaways, epic grand prize!

Rock -a- bye Booty is having 5 days of giveaways leading up to a grand prize. 3 wrap scrap covers, a $125 value! 

Check out the facebook page for details!! 

Rock -a- bye Booty is our favorite cover, ever! Not only are they cute, but they fit Sweet Pea wonderfully! They range from 7-35 lbs, and are now offering toddler size which go from 20-60 lbs! We're getting some toddler size for Sweet Pea pretty soon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

No more tangles review

Sweet Pea got a bath tonight, using Johnson's baby shampoo and conditioner. At first, I thought the fragrance was a little strong, opening the bottle. But as I was shampooing Sweet Pea up, I actually liked the smell. It almost smelled like apples. 
Sweet Pea doesn't have a whole lot of hair yet, but for testing purposes, I also used the no more tangles leave in conditioner. I have to say, Sweet Pea's hair is extra silky. I'm going to save the rest for when she's older and actually has tangles. Because, conditioner on a 14 month old is just silly.

We also received detangling spray. I didn't use this, but I plan to in the future. I may even use it on myself for my gnarly tangles.

Sweet Pea's hair is getting longer and longer, and before long I have a feeling I'm going to be very glad we have these products.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.