Monday, October 15, 2012

So excited!

We went to my first prenatal appointment last week, and it was kind of a huge waste of time. Because of my size, they couldn't even find my uterus on the in-room ultrasound, so I didn't get to see anything, and I turned down another part of the appointment, so nothing was really done. I did get lab work done, and a glucose test, haven't gotten the results of most of it yet.

Tomorrow is the big day! We're going in for our real ultrasound! We're going to get to see our little Sweet Pea for the first time. Although I know there's a little one growing, trust me...I can feel all the "joys" of this, it will be really nice to see that everything is OK, and to see the heartbeat. It's probably still too early to hear the heartbeat, but you never know. They'll also be able to tell us how far along I am, there is some confusion on that part.