Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The medical gem that I am

Half my face is now paralyzed, yep... I have Bells Palsy, a virus that's related to the chicken pox virus. I know a lot about this condition, because my dad has had it several times, even though you're not suppose to get it more than once. This virus causes a nerve in the side of your face to swell and to paralyze part of your face.

This all started a few weeks ago. I'm taking folic acid as an extra measure for the pregnancy, I started getting a weird feeling in my mouth, kind of a swollen tongue feeling, my whole mouth just felt weird. So we googled it, and some medical websites stated that it's a side effect of the folic acid, so that was that, I would learn to live with it while I'm on it. Then the swollen feeling went away and I started getting really heavy twitching on just the left side of my face, it was on my chin, my lip, my nose, and my eye. We just assumed that it was due to the folic acid again and thought nothing of it, then the left side of my upper lip stopped working. It turns out that at least the twitching was the palsy coming into play.

Mister and I went out to dinner with my dad and step-mom on Friday night, every time I laughed I could feel that my lip wasn't working right, and I was really self conscious. I asked my dad what his Bells Palsy felt like, thinking it may be that, but what he described didn't fit what I was dealing with, so I brushed it off again thinking it was just the folic acid. When dinner came, it didn't taste right, half my tongue is "numb" so I couldn't taste anything on that side. It's not really numb, kind of a worn off Novocaine feeling.

Saturday night Mister made dinner, hamburgers and fries, something that would usually taste amazing, it fell flat in my mouth. The thing that pushed us over the edge and into the emergency room was when I tried to drink milk and had it dribble all over me, sexy I know. We were a little worried that it may have been a stroke, my face was drooping and I was dribbling all over myself.

I went and got ready and when I tried to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth, the water squirted all over the place, we got a good laugh too. Then we were off to a visit to the ER. I was not looking forward to a Saturday at the ER, I figured it would be super crowded. We were in and out in 2 hours.

The doctor came in twice, diagnosed me and wrote me a prescription all before the condescending evil nurse even showed. Once she came in, things slowed down. She didn't believe that the doctor told me I had Bells Palsy, she ignored anything Mister said, she was just rude.

Anyway, they gave me an anti-viral and prednisone, prednisone isn't safe during pregnancy, so we're going to talk to my OB about that. Today I have the worst headache I've ever had which is part of the palsy. We bought some Ibuprofin, which we later found out I can't take while pregnant, so we have to go buy something else. Now I'm starving and can't taste a damn thing, I hope that doesn't last.