Thursday, November 29, 2012

Absolutely nothing

Nothing new to report really, we've been taking it really easy. We had to unplug our Christmas tree tonight because one of the strands went out, and then back on but super bright. We just want to be safe, and not cause a fire. Details details.

We've got another prenatal appointment coming next week. I'm excited about that, but I also have 2 other appointments that day, and the prenatal one is the last. I'm hoping they do an in office ultrasound, or that we'll be able to hear Sweet Peas heartbeat.

I've been feeling very emotional the last week or so. Everything that has any relation to my family, makes me blubber like a baby. I'm feeling very nostalgic about silly things. I've always been very sappy about that kind of stuff, but right now it's even worse.

Ugh, I have nothing to talk about, I'm just rambling about nothing.

Oh...I want nothing but bread and butter right now.