Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I must whine. Apparently a lovely side effect of pregnancy for me, is jaw pain. It's been uncomfortable for weeks now, and today it hit an all time high. I'm laying down with the left side of my face pressed against a pillow. If I lift it it feels like my jaw is being ripped off. I never wanted to be one of those complaining pregnant women, but owwww!

On an exciting note, I'm pretty sure I can feel Sweet Pea swimming around in there. If I lay on my left side at night, I feel a rolling sensation. I'll be 14 weeks on Friday, and Sweet Pea will be the size of a Navel Orange!

On January 2nd we're going to a specialist to look at Sweet Peas heart and meet with some doctors, because of the medication I'm on, and the heart problems I had as an infant. But while we're there we'll get to find out if Sweet Pea is a He or a She!! We can hardly wait! My mom is coming with us, so it's going to be extra special!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I can't wait! We're having my mom over and there's going to be delicious food! We usually go over to my dads side of the family for holidays, but now it's my moms turn. I think we'll have Christmas with her too. Can't wait!

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!