Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whine fest

I've been so weepy over everything lately. I've been going through a lot, and sometimes it all becomes too much. I'm tired of crying every day. These hormones need to get a hold of themselves. I mean...If I'm watching a Big Bang Theory flash mob video, and I start's time to rein in the craziness.

This holiday season is going to be very low key. Christmas eve is usually spent at my dad and step-moms house, but this year we're going to stay home. Maybe plug in the fireplace (yes...plug it in), perhaps even watch It's a Wonderful Life. Our pre-lit Christmas tree bit the dust, so it's not super Christmasy in here, which is fine...I'm not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Next year is our year, Sweet Pea will be about 7 months old, and really Christmas is for the kids.

Really I just need a lot of positive reinforcement, and hugs. Mister isn't getting any breaks, and he's being great with comforting me and making sure I have everything I need/want. Like steak. I've been craving steak like crazy, I finally got some red meat today but it was really just like teasing the craving haha