Thursday, January 3, 2013

Big ultrasound update/Gender reveal

We had our big ultrasound appointment yesterday, it was a very long, very exciting day. We started the appointment by talking to a geneticist. I don't know anything about my biological family, because I'm adopted. But we knew plenty about Misters. After that we got to have our ultrasound....Finally!

My mom came with us, she's never seen an ultrasound, so we thought it would be very special. We had fun looking at all of the body parts, and trying to figure out what they were. We thought the belly was the head quite a few times....Hopefully we won't do that when Sweet Pea is actually here. The spine looked good, which I was worried about because of my blood sugars. After talking to the doctor there, he said that my sugars are no where near high enough to worry about birth defects. They weren't able to see the heart because of the way Sweet Pea was laying. Stubborn, just like Mama. We got a good look at the kidneys and bladder, and we did get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I may have cried, hearing how strong it was. 134 bpm.

It was the most amazing day of our lives so far. We looked at the feet and the hands, all ten fingers and toes looked to be there. While we were looking around, Mister thought he saw a little boy part. We were both positive it was a boy.....

We were WRONG! Sweet Pea is a beautiful baby GIRL!

I gasped so loud when they said it, and immediately started crying. We're going to have a daughter, I'm still in shock. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that we're actually having a baby, but the fact that we're having a daughter is mind blowing. I know, I know it's a 50/50 chance, but I always pictured us having a boy. I'm so over the moon with happiness.

I started a registry, now that I know what to look at. Although it's still extremely overwhelming. The main thing we're looking for is diapers. Mister pointed out that they're just like cash haha Every baby needs them, a lot of them at that. When we first found out that Sweet Pea was on the way, I was all about cloth diapers. I still think they're great, but our washer is old, and our plumbing sucks. So we're going disposable. My mom has said she's going to throw the baby shower for lol I've been to two myself. A friend 6 years ago and my cousin's almost 2 years ago. I have no idea what to do, it's all very overwhelming, but I'm so