Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family time

I had such a wonderful day today. Although I woke up way too late, it's been nice.

We were going to have dinner at home, we hit a big sale on steak and have been eating it for several days. It's SO good right now. I turned the TV to the food network, and Man v. Food was on. Mister saw a cheese burger and says, "well, we're going out". We were going to go up to my moms neighborhood to a burger joint, so I called to invite her. She was on this side of the river, and asked if we could go somewhere closer. We decided to go to a childhood favorite of mine, they have THE best burgers and fries, oh drool! Anyway, the place is practically next door to my dad and step-mom so I thought, hey! let's make this a whole family affair.

We didn't tell my mom that my dad and step-mom were coming, (they all get along really well) so she was really confused when she came in. It was a lot of fun getting to be with my favorite people. They take forever to make the food, but it's so worth it.

Last weekend we went up to see my mom, we went out to pizza and watched a movie. During the movie Sweet Pea started kicking, so I grabbed my moms hand and put it on my belly. As if Sweet Pea knew, she kicked really hard! So my mom got to feel her for the first time. It was really special. I was hoping she would kick tonight so my step-mom could feel her, but she refused. I didn't try to get her to move, we were in public and it can look a little silly seeing a fat lady jiggling her belly, as well as poking it haha

I'm up too late again, and starving. So Mister is cooking me up some steak! MMmmmm