Friday, March 22, 2013

31 Week update

How far along: 31 Weeks 

How big is baby: Pineapple 15.2-16.7 inches 2.5-3.8 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Yoga pants, regular shirts and a belly band

Best moment of the week: My favorite time of every day is feeling
Sweet Pea move from the outside

Food Cravings: Cereal! *Which is bad, it has sugar AND carbs*

Food Adversions: None...Go figure

Irritability: I've been nicer, but pretty emotional. I'm quite needy
Acne: None!
Cramping: None
Dizziness: Not too bad this week
Lower hip pain: Gone
Migraine: None 
Pulled groin muscle: It hurts the most when I get up from sitting still for
a while, or when I'm in bed
Frequent urination: Constant!
Upper stomach pain: None
Lactation: Oh yea

Movement: She's graduated into stretching instead of just kicking.

Gender: Girl!!

What I'm looking forward to:  The baby shower! 

Next appointment: March 28th *they're going to be a few times a week soon*