Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An update of a different kind

This has turned into an amazing pregnancy. Everything is going great. My blood sugars are high, so I have gestational diabetes, but it's very well managed with medication. My blood pressure was also elevated, but with a low dose of medication, it's perfect again. I'm still considered high risk, meaning I get extra attention and extra ultrasounds. They test me for preeclampsia. The high risk specialist doesn't see any signs of it, and said he see's no reason why I couldn't go to full term. I'm very relieved because I was afraid she would have to come a few weeks early. He said that if they do have to induce, it won't be until 39 weeks!

We're very blessed with the support system we've got. My mom has helped us a ridiculous amount already, and my Dad and Step-mom gave us a gift card for Christmas that helped us get a car seat that will last Sweet Pea until she's out of a car seat! We've got the crib, and bassinet, an infant car seat plus the convertible one. My aunt and uncle gave us a stroller, and we have a little bouncy seat as well. We've also got some clothes as well, omg I love baby clothes!

My entire life *and I mean entire*, I've always wanted nothing but baby stuff for gift giving holidays. And now, I'm actually getting to have that! lol Next week is my baby shower, and I can't wait. I can't wait to see my friends and support system. Sweet Pea has got a good group of people that already love her.

I'm lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as two childhood friends. One lives very far away, and I haven't seen her since I was probably....14? The other one lives in the same state as I do, and until last year, I hadn't seen her since we were like, 10. She's planning on coming to my shower, and I'm planning on going to her blessing way. I love Facebook for this reason alone, I'm able to keep in contact with old friends, that I otherwise wouldn't have the chance to talk to.