Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Horrible doctors suck!

Sunday started out like any other day, but ended in a very stressful chaotic mess.

Every year my dads side of the family usually gets together for Easter. Apparently this year, some of the family members got together and decided we didn't need together anymore, so we were left planless.

Misters brother decided to come over Sunday to take us out to lunch for Misters birthday. We picked up the FIL (Oh joy) and headed out.

It was a somewhat stressful time....I hate being around the FIL and the BIL doesn't know about Sweet Pea. Even though I'm 32 weeks along, I have quite a bit of extra fluff to hide my bump well. I wasn't feeling my best, but figured it was because I was in an uncomfortable situation.

We came home, and I couldn't stand the thought of doing nothing for Easter. I mean....I needed some deviled eggs, right? I called up my mom and said we were bringing up some steaks and to have some eggs ready for me. I may have said it a bit nicer than that, but you get the idea.

We had a nice time with my mom, dinner was good. Just a giant piece of meat and a salad for me, I can't eat potatoes anymore, not until Sweet Pea makes her arrival and my blood sugars settle back down to normal. I ate a ridiculous amount of deviled eggs, and Mister played Angry Birds. All in all a fun evening.

At around 8:30pm, I started having contractions. Not painful ones, more along the lines of Braxton Hicks. Those are kind of like, practice contractions. Your uterus contracts, but nothing progresses, perfectly harmless. The doctors say that if you have more than 4 an hour, or if they are regular and become more strong as they progress, you should go in to labor and delivery, just to check things out.

By 9:30pm, I had already had close to 10 contractions. We were a little concerned so we headed home, to have some water and lay down. Once in the car, they seemed to calm down and everything was fine. But once we hit the freeway, they picked up again, about every 4 minutes or so and they seemed to be lasting for a good minute. I didn't time them very well, so it's hard to say for sure.

We got home, I drank half a large bottle of water and laid down on the couch. They were gone again.....for about 30 minutes. Mister read what we're suppose to do if they keep coming, one suggestion was to take a warm shower or bath, so I hopped in the shower. After the shower I laid down again, and sure enough had another one. It was time to go in.

I was a nervous wreck. I'm only 32 weeks along, that's just too early for Sweet Pea to come. I know the odds are in her favor at this point, but it still is too early.

We walked up to the door and it didn't open. About 5 minutes of just standing there, we noticed a call button. We rang it and they let us in, after I explained what was going on. Then we waited around at the check in desk, because no one was there. We were there for quite a few minutes before someone came out and told us we needed to hit the call button....how the hell were we suppose to know this? Whatever, we know now for next time.

They hooked me up to all sorts of monitors. One to record Sweet Pea's heartbeat and one to capture any contractions that may happen. Nurses came in and out, check my blood pressure, got a urine sample, all the normal crap. Then the doctor came in...let's just say I'm praying to all things good that she is not the one on call when I go into labor!

She explained that the monitors weren't picking up any contractions, so I wasn't really having them. I may just be having light cramps. I told her that my whole stomach tightens up, and it's a bit intense. She continued to imply that it was all in my head and that nothing was happening. So, while I was having one I asked her to feel my stomach. "Oh, I guess you are having one" she said. "but it didn't last very long". She didn't start feeling it right when it started! Ugh!

After agreeing that I was in fact having contractions, she explained that she wanted to do a cervical exam, to make sure it wasn't changing. As I began to panic, Mister explained to her that I have a hard time with vaginal exams due to past trauma. She said she was "well aware" of my past issues, and she understood. As I started to cry, she went on to say how common this was, and that everything would be OK. When she started the exam, I started crying harder and she got visibly upset, threw her hands up in the air and said I was making her job hard. That she couldn't do it if I was going to be this upset. She also announced that my size was making her job too hard as well. Once she finally did the exam.....let's just say, she wasn't gentle at all.

Once finished, she left the room. When she came back she said everything looked great, but said I could possibly be in preterm labor! I was told to stay close to home and take it easy. She asked when my last ultrasound was, we told her it had been about 4 weeks and she proceeded to argue with us. She insisted that the last one we had was at 24 weeks gestation, that would be 8 weeks ago. My last ultrasound was March 5th....get it together lady. A complaint has been filed, and it will be known that under no circumstance is that woman allowed near my room while I'm in labor.

It was a horrible experience. The last time I had to go to L&D for a migraine, it was a great experience. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, hopefully that will be the case when I'm there to deliver.

I'm super bummed that I have to stay close to home, I was planning on going to a friends blessing way in a couple weeks for her baby! It's at the coast, so too far from home. I actually asked specifically if it would be alright if I could go....really disappointed. But we will get our girls together once everyone is here and recovered.

I went to my regularly scheduled NST (Non stress test) yesterday, hooked up to the same monitors that I was in L&D. Instead of having me sitting up, they had me lay on my right side. While I was hooked up for 45ish minutes, I had 5 contractions, that they were able to be picked up by the monitor. The nurse said that unless my cervix has changed, then I'm not technically in labor. She said they should have checked me more than once while I was there. I filled her in on how it went with the one they did do, I'm glad that doctor didn't do another one.

The contractions continued through the night, but seem to have eased up this morning. Sweet Pea is extremely active, which is fantastic. Just a little bit ago, I felt my uterus tightening again, so I poked it to see if how hard it was. Sweet Pea pushed back quite hard, and scurried away, making my uterus relax. She was also head down during the NST, hopefully she stays that way!