Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't cry over spilled placenta

It is so bizarre when you're at your regular doctors office, and they call your daughters name for the first time. It made it even more real that she is a real little person, her own person.

When they called "Daphne", I got excited and thought "oh that's our baby's name!" And then no one else got up...."oh yea! That IS our baby".

Today was a very big day for us. It was the first time we've left the house as a family of 3. And of course, being new parents, and it being the first time we left the house, we were a good 20 minutes late for her appointment. Oh no! Even better! The appointment was actually for yesterday morning, so we were 24 hours and 20 minutes late! Hello mommy brain!

The appointment went really well. She hasn't gained any weight, but hasn't lost any either. The doctor said her umbilical cord will most likely fall off in the next day or two. I'm kind of a little sad about this, it just reminds me how quickly she's growing up. I want her to stay this little forever.

My emotions have been all over the place, thanks to my hormones. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Mister got up from a nap, and kindly suggested I don't leave the cord of the fan in the walk would have thought he told me our rabbits died or something. I cried so hard, and there were SO many tears! Or how about when I got my placenta pills out of the freezer, opened the jar and spilled them all over the floor, I don't think I've ever cried that hard in my life!

My milk has started to really come in. It was just a crap ton of colostrum for a few days, but today it has turned into actual milk. It's really bitter/sweet. I love that I can make all of this milk, and that my body works the way it's suppose to, but it breaks my heart that I can't use it and it all goes to waste. Especially when Sweet Pea roots around looking for her mommy milkies. She wants to nurse so badly, and I have to deny her all the time. And now I'm crying again....thanks guys! I was going through make shift breast pads like crazy, but a friend suggested using menstrual pads. Most genius idea I've ever heard of.

I find breast feeding and breast milk absolutely fascinating! While I'm waiting for mine to dry up, I express them when my breasts start to hurt and get hard. I love it! I like watching it come out, and squirt all over haha it really is an amazing thing that us women can do.

My mom has been the biggest help. She has been over every day since Sweet Pea was born, making dinner and taking care of her while Mister and I catch up on sleep. Yesterday, she brought over a truck load of groceries and then made us dinner. It meant so much to me. We were out of food, and there's no way I'm dragging this sweet baby to a germy store!

My dad and step-mom are coming over tonight and bringing dinner. Mister went to bed early, so he can get up shortly after I go to bed, to take care of Sweet Pea. They said they don't want to be smothering, so they haven't been coming over. I told them they were being ridiculous, we WANT people to come over and see her. I mean, come on....she's beautiful!

I'm healing up very well. Other than the staph infection on my upper lip....yep, really. It started out as a little bump that itched, and now it's bigger than a quarter and super super swollen. My lymph node and the right side of my face is swollen and very painful. Obviously I got it from the hospital, makes you feel real confident in having surgery to have a baby there. They put me on antibiotics, and it should be better in the next couple of days.

I get my staples out tomorrow. I'm looking forward to them being out, but I'm a little scared about it hurting. I know I just had major surgery and made it through that just may be irrational, but it's still there lol
Sweet Pea is the most amazing little person I've ever met! She's beyond beautiful and brings so much joy to our lives. She sleeps, like...all the time. We usually have to wake her to feed, and that's kind of a struggle to do sometimes. I've been assured this is normal. Up until today, she would only sleep if she was on one of our chests, which made it so we couldn't sleep for fear of dropping her. We figured maybe it was because, while we were awake, we would hold her the entire time she was sleeping, and so she got used to it. So today when she's been sleeping *again, seems like all the time* we put her in her bassinet that she's suppose to sleep in at night. She seems to tolerate it alright. She's been in there for 45 minutes, and hasn't cried at all. Here's hoping she will do this when it's time for bed.

I plan on writing about her birth eventually, I just don't really have the energy right now. It was wonderful, and went almost as planned.