Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 weeks old!!

I can't believe it! My beautiful baby girl is two weeks old! This time two weeks ago, I was just coming out of recovery, from my surgery to deliver this perfect angel.

She changes so much every day. And her growing is happening way too fast! She's now out of newborn onesies, and into 0-3 months! It's a little heartbreaking. She's eating 3+ oz, which is 90ML, at a time, when she was first born we had to fight to get 5ML in her! We've graduated from the bottles that the hospital gave us, and into small 'big' baby bottles. She will now sleep on her own in her bassinet for an hour or two, when she was first born, she wouldn't sleep anywhere but mine or her daddy's chest. She's growing way too fast.

I took the tape off my incision last night, and got to see it finally. It's barely noticeable. No infection, and has healed up really well. I'm still moving a little slower than usual, but I'm practically good as new. I'm off the pain medication all together!

Nothing else to really report. I just realized I probably said all of this in the post I forgot I did yesterday. Let's blame it on new mommy brain. So I'll leave you with adorable pictures!