Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting into a routine

I started writing my birth story, but it's a little overwhelming. So it will take a while.

Things around here are beginning to settle down, we're finally getting into a routine. I say finally, but it's only been 12 days since Daphne was born, and we've only been home 9 days. But because of all of the appointments we had during the pregnancy, it feels like much longer.

I get up at around 11am, and come spend time with my beautiful daughter and amazing Mister. We putz around the house, take turns feeding and holding Daphne. Around 5pm we start to watch a movie or two, have dinner and spend time as a family until around 8pm when Mister heads to bed. Then I have the baby on my own until about 2am, when I wake Mister. He comes out to the front room and naps on the couch, waking every couple hours to change and feed Daphne. While I have her on my own, I try to get some things done, but usually I get sucked into just cuddling her, and before I know it, it's time for bed. I don't know what Mister does while I'm sleeping, but I have a suspicion he holds her the whole time too.

I realize that this is not the conventional way of taking care of a baby, but we're not exactly a conventional family. This works for us. Really well. I miss spending more time with Mister, I miss cuddling with him in bed while I fall asleep, but this is the only way we can both get a reasonable amount of sleep. We are not sleep deprived. How many new parents of a newborn can say that?

I'm healing up pretty well. If I move slow, I can do pretty much anything I could do before the surgery. I'm finally off the narcotics, but still taking Ibuprofen. My swelling has gone down quite a bit, it was pretty bad there for a while. I've actually lost a little over 30lbs since delivering Daphne! And she's back up to her birth weight. We're all doing very well.

We went and got newborn photos done of the little angel. That was a bit of a hassle. I can totally understand why people hire photographers to come to their house, because going to a studio where they take lots of appointments is a pain in the ass. We should get her pictures back next week, they are beautiful.

I can't believe how fast Daphne is growing. I put on a newborn onesie tonight, because it's too hot for a full sleeper, but too cool to be nakey, and it's probably the last time she'll be able to wear it!! We're on our last pack of newborn diapers, meaning we're about to move up to size one. I'm a little heartbroken. I cried when her cord stump fell off. She's already growing up too fast. I'm trying to cherish every moment.

I've never been this happy in my entire life. I'm so in love with life right now.