Saturday, June 29, 2013

How a bottle saved my sanity *well, almost*

My aunt came over yesterday to visit Sweet Pea. While she was over, we talked about how colicy and gassy Sweet Pea has been. She recommended trying Dr. Brown's bottles, because they're suppose to be great for colic and gas. She said my cousin has some that she can bring down next time she's in town, which should be next week. But, in the meantime, maybe I should pick up a few to hold me over.

On our way home from the WIC office to exchange the Similac to the sensitive formula, we stopped at Target to pick up a couple packs. We were planning on getting a pack of the 8oz and a pack of the 4oz ones, because she's still only taking 4oz at a time. Unfortunately they were out of the 4oz bottles, so we grabbed a pack of the bigger ones and grabbed a pack of 6oz Playtex VentAire bottles as well. They too said they were made for colic and gas. Couldn't hurt to try.

When we got home Sweet Pea was hungry, but there was already a bottle made in the fridge, so I didn't get to use my new toy! :( She ate and fussed the whole time. Her next feeding though, oooh I was excited! I've always loved baby stuff, and now I get to have it! She gobbled down the next feeding, with only needing 1 or 2 burps, as opposed to the 3 or 4 she usually needs, screaming the entire time. After she ate, she was a happy little stink bug again. Then comes the next feeding.

It was hotter than hell yesterday, even hotter inside than out. Our bedroom tends to be the coolest room because the sun rises over there. So we all piled into bed in front of the big box fan and watched some movies on the computer. Of course Sweet Pea was hungry so Mister made her a bottle. He came back in with one of the 'old' ones. I was immediately offended. How could he not be as excited about using the new baby gadget as I was?! He said he was intimidated by the new ones because they had so many parts. They do, like 5 different ones that you have to wash after each use. But it's so worth it. She ate, and fussed and had a hard time burping. Farted her way through the pain in her tummy. She screamed and yelled until she fell asleep. She slept for maybe 30 minutes and woke up hungry again. So Mister made her a 2oz snack, in the proper bottle. She gulped that down, and fell asleep with no fussing at 2:40am, and slept until 6:30am!! I know this may seem like a disgusting amount of sleep, but compare that to screaming from 12am to 7am daily, doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

At 6:30am, she woke up and I fed her. She fell asleep while burping so I took her back to bed. She woke up 45 minutes later wanting more, so I got up and fed her more. She then slept until 10:45am. That's almost a normal sleeping pattern for a baby! You guys don't understand how exciting this is.

I may have made a mistake though. I was expecting her to wake up screaming, like she has for the past 3 weeks. So I stayed up until nearly 5am, just waiting. But it never came, and that's what matters. I may be tired today, but if these bottles continue to work like they did yesterday, I'll get to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.