Monday, June 24, 2013

Rough Day

Today was a bit of a rough day. Sweet Pea has been quite fussy all day. Nothing seems to be settling her down. Ever since we made the horrible mistake of giving her 2 ounces of Enfamil, she's been extremely gassy and cranky. We've been reading about acid reflux and we're a little concerned that she might have it.

She screamed harder than I've ever heard her scream today. She had actual tears running down her face. It was completely heartbreaking. I cried right along with her.

We've thrown out all the enfamil, but we're thinking of making a doctors appointment for her as well. She also has a white spot on her tongue tie, it almost looks like a canker sore. Mister has suffered from them all his life, it's an auto immune disorder. I really hope that's not what it is, because Mister seems to be in a great deal of pain when he gets them.

I'll repeat. Today was rough. I had to go running to my placenta pills, they did help. There have been tears from both Sweet Pea and I. We did get a 2 hour nap together, and that helped, until it didn't anymore.

Steven King's Under The Dome comes on tonight, I'm quite excited. I read part of the book before I got sick last summer. I mean....the book is ridiculously huge, but it's pretty good.

Mister is making dinner and I got to pig out on hummus as a snack. The day may have been rough, but the night will be better. Watching this little angel sleep makes me forget all the screaming.