Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 Month update

My baby girl is 2 month old!! Where did the time go?! Let's compare and contrast. Look how much she's changed!!! She's chubbed up so much! I can't even handle the amount of cute in these pictures.  
She has found her voice, and is really "talking" up a storm! She will also allow us to put her down while she's awake for short periods of time and she will entertain herself. We have a little bouncy chair that has some toys hanging from it, that she's been batting at lately. I'd like to get her one of those activity mats that has toys hanging from it.

She still sleeps completely sprawled out, when she's not sleeping with me. Although, a few times during a colic-y period, swaddling has worked and it completely shocked us all. The colic seems to be all but gone, thank god, because that was pure hell. 

To think this little stinker was inside me this time 2 months ago is a little mind blowing. I miss it. She's the most perfect baby on the face of the earth, and I couldn't imagine life without her. Happy 2 month birthday Sweet Pea!