Friday, July 19, 2013

A month in pictures

Meeting Great-Aunt S. for the first time (I have a picture somewhere of her holding me almost 28 years ago!)
All sprawled out
Grandma snuggles
She loves her bath time!
Auntie J. came to visit! Doesn't she look great holding a baby?

Sometimes she makes goofy faces
So sweet in Daddy's arms 
She looks so grown up!
Holding her head up so well
Sleeping through the picnic
Love of my life
Things have been super crazy this past month. It's just flown by. Sweet Pea is now 8 weeks old!! She's growing like a damn weed, weighing in at over 12 lbs! 0-3 month clothes only go up to 12 lbs!!! This is all going sooo fast. And now I hear her waking.