Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chaos, you have made your point. Now leave

It all started last night when Mister was washing the bottles. Oh sweet Mister. He was trying to do a good thing, he really was.

Sweet Pea has graduated from the slow flow nipples, and we haven't had a chance to get the medium flow just yet. The one time we were at the store and had the cash to do so, Wal*Mart didn't carry the Playtex Ventaire with the wide nipples O.o, I mean really? It's Wal*Mart! So we haven't been back to a store since.

SO Mister was attempting to make the hole in the nipples bigger, we've tried with a needle, and it doesn't make a big enough hole. So he did it with a steak knife....he practically took the entire tip of the nipple off. He came out and asked if it was too big of a whole, water just came pouring out all over the floor. Yes. Yes, Mister, the hole is too big. We then advanced to fast flow nipples, they seem to be working alright....

I then proceeded to change Sweet Pea and get her ready for bed, you know put a clean diaper on her and get jammies on her. 11PM came around, and from my earlier post, we know that means Sweet Pea gets her final diaper change before bed. As soon as I got the diaper off she peed all over herself, her jammies, and the changing table. Ugh. I was having some post partum sweats and started to strip down. I instantly became overwhelmed. I told Mister to go ahead and clean her up, while I wiped away my tears and went and grabed her new jammies. We got her all cleaned up and re dressed, and then she had the biggest feeding of her life!!

She slept until 7AM, which was much appreciated, we were up for about an hour or so. Took a nap and got up at 11:30AM. I got her dressed then came out to the front to feed her. I set down my water bottle, and noticed I left out the bottle from the 7AM feeding! GAH! That was half a bottle! We can't afford to do that crap! Ugh. I take the bottle to the kitchen and throw it in the sink, and open the fridge to get a new one out. There aren't any. O.o Ummm Ok. I looked in the sink. Non of the bottles have been washed or filled. Greeaaaat. Mister usually does that before bed. I've got a cranky hungry baby. I hurry and was all the bottles then fill them all.

I am now feeding Sweet Pea. She is starving and downs 6oz, like it's nothing. I got an adequate amount of burps from her, and then all of a sudden she makes this demonic noise and baby vomit goes down my shirt and under my boobs. Ew, would best describe this experience. Ew. I clean myself up and wipe her mouth, because she barely got herself of course. And we continue to cuddle.

I then realized that I'm starving. I put Sweet Pea in her bouncy seat and got myself a couple muffins. When I came back I didn't like where Sweet Pea's bouncy seat was so I set my muffins down on the chair and moved the bouncy seat. And then noticed I still had baby vomit under my boobs, again....ew! I cleaned myself fully and threw the dirty rag in the laundry. And came and sat back down.

Notice a missing step there? I sat on my effing muffins!! I'll repeat that. I SAT ON MY EFFING MUFFINS! You better believe I still ate those bastards too!

Alright chaos, you are free to leave now.