Monday, July 1, 2013

Cooling off soon

Tomorrow's the day. Tomorrow, Sweet Pea will meet her uncle and 3 of her 5 cousins. Tomorrow, the BIL *Brother in law* will find out that I was pregnant, and we had a baby.

Mister thinks this is going to be hilarious, I think it's going horribly awkward, and uncomfortable. They're coming over here, which is a little weird because we have been going over there since the FIL *father in law* left. I'm kind of wondering if the BIL knows something. I don't know how he would know...unless he found this blog and figured out it was me?? Meh. Oh well. I just hope he doesn't get upset.

It's going to be way too hot to have that many people in this place, but he insisted. We are getting a heat pump put in tomorrow that will also act as an air conditioner. We'll be able to keep it at a cool 75* during the summer, and not have to pay anymore! In fact, we will probably pay less than what we're paying. And keep it at a warm 68* in the winter, and pay the same amount if not less than when we were keeping it at a freezing 59*. Yes, we kept the place at 59*. It was cold, and miserable. But with the baby, we need to keep it warmer. I'm quite excited about this happening.