Monday, July 29, 2013

My 9 week old can read!!

Last time I wrote about our routine, it immediately changed the next day. Yesterday when I wrote about our new and improved routine, Sweet Pea was up until 1:30am crying. Deductive reasoning would lead me to believe that the kid reads my damn blog!

In all seriousness, we went up to my moms yesterday for a BBQ and I think Sweet Pea may have been a little over stimulated. We go up there almost every weekend, so I'm not sure why this weekend would have done it, but when we got home, she would just not go to sleep! She was exhausted, I could see it in her sleepy little eyes. Hell, she was tired the entire time we were up at my moms. By the time we finally got her to sleep, she slept hard for 6 hours straight! Meaning, she went 7 hours without eating! Longest she's ever gone without eating in her life.

She's been pretty sleepy all day, because I had her get up pretty close to her regular time. She's now taking her before bedtime nap. I hope this means she'll go to bed without a fight tonight. She got a bath and tummy time, so she should be pretty well worn out.