Friday, July 12, 2013

Routine is a wonderful thing

Remember when I said before that we were getting into a routine? Looking back it worked for us at that time, but I'm pretty sure the very next day, the routine fell apart. We needed more time as a family unit, and Sweet Pea needed to start sleeping during the night, and spending her awake times during the day. Apparently it's quite common for newborns to get their hours confused like that. Lucky us, we have a common baby. O_O

I don't know when exactly our new routine became and actual routine, but I love that it's here. During the day we kind of play it by ear. We do whatever we feel like, whether it's having a picnic, or to a few stores, hanging out at home, visiting family, ect. But when 8pm hits she get's her diaper changed, jammies on, and eats 3-4 ounces, she then takes a short nap and wakes up at about 10 pm. At 11pm she gets a Huggies strapped to her butt and some Burt's bees diaper cream, because the diaper stays on a little longer than usual. She eats 2-3 more ounces and we're in bed and asleep by 11:30pm. We sleep until 4-5am when she wakes to eat 2-3 ounces and falls asleep while burping, wakes again to eat between 8-9am to eat 2-3 more ounces and is up "for the day". I however am not.

I take her back to bed and set her in her Boppy and I lay next her as she talks to me and tells me all about her dreams. We chat for about an hour and a half and she starts fussing so I give her back her passie and her eyes slowly start to close. I toss the Boppy aside and scoop her back into my arms, and we fall asleep until 11-12pm and then we're up for the day. I've decided I really like routine. It's comforting.

Today we're heading up to my mom's house for a BBQ. Next weekend is going to be beyond busy, it's going to be Sweet Pea's first road trip. For her cousin's second birthday! I can NOT believe Bug is going to be two already. There may be pictures, if his parent's OK it. Other wise you'll just have to survive with pictures of Sweet Pea in her very first party dress!