Monday, July 1, 2013

Your placenta, eat it!

We are all well aware that I suffer from ridiculous anxiety, and a slew of other things. When I became pregnant, I had to stop taking my anxiety medicine. It was the worst experience of my life, I literally wanted to die. But I got past it and enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy. I figured that once I had Sweet Pea I would need to go back on the medication right away. 5 weeks out, and I still haven't started it, and I'm doing alright.

I had my placenta encapsulated by Portland MamaBaby, and am very happy with the product I got. I am also having a tincture made, but that takes 12 weeks. Some people choose to eat theirs raw, and more power to them, but I am just not able to handle that one yet. Some people put it in smoothies, Mister and I talked about him doing that *making them* for me, but I was afraid he would get grossed out and then my placenta would go to waste.

In the first week and a half or so, I took 2 pills twice a day. After that I took them maybe once a day, and now I'm down to just taking two when I'm feeling overwhelmed, or overly sensitive/angry, or if I have a good amount of anxiety. Yesterday was one of those days.

Every summer I go manic. I'm bipolar, it happens. The medication I'm on helps make it so I don't go super manic, like where I ruin my life, but the mania does come every year. This year is no different. Usually when I go manic, I just become more irritable, and want to constantly be on the go. Anyway, we were afraid this was starting up yesterday. I was a raging bitch! I was hot, hungry, sleep deprived, I was in rough shape. I was laughing one minute, yelling the next, and then crying the next. It was a rough day. I stormed to the bedroom, yelling something super mature like, "Don't ever talk to me again!", or something equally rational. Then I remembered the magic pills! I stomped to the freezer, ripped it open as I glared at Mister like there were lazers shooting out of my eyes. I gulped down the pills with lukewarm water, because it's like 10000* and water doesn't get cold when it's that hot, then stomped back to the bedroom. I stayed in there for a while brooding, trying to come up with someone to blame this mood on.

I called my mom several times that night, because we were going to go up to cool off and have dinner. I kept switching back and forth between going and not. So whilst I was brooding, I called her in tears saying we were for sure coming up. Mister hopped in the shower and we headed up north. By the time we got there, I was a whole new person. I was happier and calmed down, and wasn't about to rip anyone's throat out.

Perhaps it was because I was a little more cooled off, or perhaps it was the magic in the placenta. Either way, I highly recommend it!