Saturday, August 31, 2013

A little update, with a picture!

The past few days have been a little hectic, not that we've been doing anything extra.

I threw my back out several days ago, so things are harder to do when it comes to Sweet Pea. Sleeping has been quite difficult, because I can't seem to get comfortable. Mister has been picking up the slack, by getting up with her for her morning feed, then brings her back to me so we can sleep a few more hours.

Yesterday we went to a local consignment store that was having a .25$ sale. They have three big tables piled high with children clothes for .25$ each. We loaded up, and spent a whopping $4.75. Because my back has been hurting so badly, I took a pain pill to help me out. I made the mistake of taking the pill on an empty stomach, and felt horrible for the rest of the day. Not only did my belly hurt, but the pill didn't even work, so my back was still killing me! So while Mister was checking out, I had to go back to the car and sit down. By the time we got home, I was a sweaty, moaning mess. I laid down and rolled back and forth in front of the fan. It took a few hours, but I finally felt while enough to come out to the front room.

Sweet Pea has been fighting sleep, more and more. The past couple of  nights, whenever I turn out the lights to go to bed, she wakes up and starts yelling at me. And gets progressively louder until I turn the lights back on. We've been going to bed earlier, so we can get up earlier, but last night she didn't want to go to bed until 12AM. She was tired, she kept falling asleep, but as soon as I would turn off the light, she would wake up and let me know she did NOT approve.

Next week is going to be a busy, but exciting one. We'll be having dinner with my dad and step-mom Tuesday night, and then heading out to the beach Wednesday morning. I'm hoping that my back will be back to 100% by then, because a long car ride does not sound fun while I'm in this much pain.

Not much else to report, so I'll leave you with a picture. Sweet Pea is holding herself up extremely well, and tolerating tummy time a little more now.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our other babies

Long before we had Sweet Pea, we had Bunjie, Lucy, and Whitey. We got Bunjie because Mister is deathly allergic to cats, and I had to have a furry little pet. Then he seemed so sad and depressed, and would just sit in his "sad corner", for hours at a time. So we got Lucy. They had 27 babies. 27!!! The first litter didn't live, but the second one did. There were 3 black babies and one white one.

Lucy kept taking the white one out of the nest and leaving it alone by the food dish. Mister and I both would put it back in the nest, then she would move the other babies out and just leave the white one. It was still alive, but not thriving. We rushed to the pet store and got kitten formula and tried to feed this tiny wiggly little bunny. It was having no part of it. So we just squirted the formula all over the baby bunny and put it back in the nest. This whole time we were just calling this little baby bunny, "the white one" or "whitey", we didn't plan on keeping it. And then it turned into a little ball of adorable fluff, and then turned into a she. And we just couldn't give her away.

Lucy isn't quite as friendly as the other two. She grew up on a "bunny farm", and was in a tiny cage for most of the day. So she doesn't really like to be handled much. Although, once she settles down in a comfy spot on you, she'll tolerate the pets. She can cuddles once in a while. She's a lion head, and is quite fluffy, but that can get a little messy too. We have literal dust bunnies.

Bunjie is my baby. We got him when he was less than 6 weeks old. He will sit on my lap and just stretch out. He even lets me hold him like a baby once in a while. When I was pregnant, he would sit on my belly, and anytime Sweet Pea would move, he would thump and start digging! When I held him for the first time since having Sweet Pea, he jumped on my belly and started pushing around with his front paws, like he didn't understand why it was empty.

Since having Sweet Pea, the bunnies have been a bit neglected. I have felt so guilty, but all of my time and energy goes to Sweet Pea. Mister still goes and feeds them and picks them up to check them out, but I miss holding them.

Last night was kind of a difficult night, I've been emotional...what's new. So Mister brought out Bunjie, and took Sweet Pea from me. I sobbed. I held him so tight and soaked his soft coat with my tears. And he let me do it! He cuddled right up to my neck and stretched out. It was a good bonding moment. I think it's safe to say my hormones are NOT back to normal!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exciting adventures await

Sweet Pea and I had a small photo shoot today. I still sometimes have a hard time believing that she's mine, that I'm a mommy. This is something I've wanted my entire life, and I didn't think it would ever happen. When I was little, and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, "I want to be a mommy". This little Pea, is everything I've ever wanted. I couldn't be any happier.

We're going on our first overnight trip the week after next! We're going to the beach for my birthday. I'm really excited, but quite nervous. Mister and I haven't been on an overnight trip, since his mom's funeral in 2006. It will only be for one night, but it's going to be so much fun! And I've been assured that this is the best time to travel with babies. Sweet Pea loves car rides, so hopefully that part will go as smoothly as it did for our first road trip.

This will be Sweet Pea's first trip to the beach ever! Well...duh. I'm hoping the weather is nice, so we can spend some time on the actual beach.

Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Months old!!

Sweet Pea is 3 months old today! I just can't believe it. On one hand, it feels like she's been here forever. But on the other hand, I swear I just had her yesterday. She's changed so much!! She's really growing into her own personality.

She lets me know when she wakes up by letting out one loud yelp. She is extremely jolly when she first wakes up in the morning, and loves to have her morning chats. She's playing with toys that hang over her head more and more, and grabs onto them now!

She doesn't really cry unless she's in pain. Or fighting sleep. When we're out and about, she likes to see what's going on, and doesn't want to miss anything.

She likes to sit up like a big baby. She no longer likes to be held like a "baby", she thinks she's a big girl now. *tear*

She still spits up if she lays on her back too soon after eating.

She gets angry after about 5 minutes of tummy time, if she lasts that long. She usually will roll over long before then, so Mister sits on the floor with her and rolls her back to her belly. She does really well with pushing her self up with her arms.

We eat dinner every night as a family. We bring her into the kitchen with us, in her bouncy seat. Usually she does great and will play with her toys the whole time. Sometimes she gets a tad fussy, and mommy gets to eat one handed, which is fun when it's something like ribs, or spaghetti.

I'm pretty sure she's growing through a growth spurt, she's been super sleepy during the day, and still sleeping 10+ hours at night! Just like her mommy and daddy, loves her sleep.

These past 3 months have just flown by. I'm glad I'm taking monthly pictures, to see how she's changing. My little Sweet Pea is growing too fast.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A month of Sweet Pea pictures

3 generations
Showing off her muscles
Smiling at Grandpa
Sitting with Grandma M.
Smiles for Daddy
Visiting Great Grandma
And Great Grandpa!
A little self branding!

Growing too fast

Showing off her amber teething necklace
She loves bath time

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The glamorous fourth trimester

The past couple of weeks, I've been creating more laundry than Sweet Pea! These postpartum sweats are no joke. We keep it a cool 72* in the house, and sometimes I'm cool as a cucumber, and others, I'm dripping sweat. It's quite disgusting really. I usually wear my shirts and pants a few times, because I don't wear them long. We wear cozy clothes around the house. But lately I've been sweating so bad that I've only been able to wear things once, which is making quite a bit of laundry. I don't dry my shirts, because they shrink up. Meaning, they will eventually shrink up enough to show my belly....not cool. So I have to hang them all to dry. I have now run out of shirts that fit, so I have been forced to do my laundry.

Another not so glamorous part of the postpartum world? Hair loss. I don't mean just a few hairs here and there. I mean hand fulls. My bathroom counter looks like a sasquatch exploded in there. At this rate Sweet Pea is going to have more hair than me in a couple months! I'm thinking of chopping off a couple inches anyway.

So those women you see in the movies, that are walking around with their adorable babies looking beautiful, that's only partially true. The babies are adorable, but the fourth trimester is no where near glamorous. The "glow" everyone refers to, is just a ridiculous amount of sweat.

I should go wash my sheets....night sweats are even worse than day sweats. Especially being cuddled up to Sweet Pea, the cutest space heater around!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

No room for complaints

Each morning when Sweet Pea is kicking me in the ribs and squirming around, trying to tell me that she's hungry and would like to wake up to eat, I think....ugh! I don't WANT to get up! I'm tired of this! Why can't someone else do this?! I just want to sleep! I should really have her start sleeping in her crib tonight.

That lasts about a minute. And then I look at her sweet little face. She's still asleep, and has been for 8+ hours. I know, I have absolutely no room to complain. I then get up and pee, scoop her up and bring her out front to change her diaper and feed her. She gobbles down her bottle and we head back to bed for another 4 hours.

Yep. I'm a new mom that gets 12 hours of sleep a night. I have absolutely no room to complain. And I'm not. It's that one minute when she's first waking up, the rib kicking and squirming. I usually have to wake her up when it's time to get up!!

2 hours after waking up, she starts getting fussy, I pick her up and give her her passie and she falls asleep...usually like clock work. Although, the last couple of days she's been having issues napping, like she knows something fun is going on, and she might miss out.

Yesterday we went up to my moms, and she didn't all. We thought a car drive would put her to sleep, so we drove to Khols, but as soon as we got inside she was bright eyed. And then was wide awake until 11:30PM. She was also a little cranky while trying to get her to sleep...a little over stimulated and waaay over tired.

We're going over to my dad's house tonight for dinner, but she's napping now. So hopefully she'll stay awake while we're there and then nap when we get home, and still go to bed when mama is ready.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not much of an update

I just  realized that I haven't really done any updates lately. Who would have thought that having a baby would take up so much time?

Sweet Pea is doing great. We weighed her last night, and she's weighing in at 14 lbs! She'll be 12 weeks tomorrow.

We've been keeping it pretty low key. It's a lot of work to get everyone ready and out the door. Sweet Pea loves going for car rides though, so we do try to get out of the house a few times a week.

Monday, Bug and his mama were down visiting so we went and saw them for the day. Sweet Pea was awake pretty much the entire time. All but 20 minutes. She slept very well that night. Tomorrow we're going to visit my grandparents, we try to visit them about once a week.

I don't have much to update really. She's still the most adorable baby, obviously haha

Friday, August 9, 2013


 We're going to have to say goodbye to this outfit. :( It didn't get nearly enough face time for how adorable it is, but she's just growing way too fast!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The birth of Sweet Pea

I read this blog before and during my pregnancy. They were really helpful at the time. They really are a great community.

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I envisioned a peaceful natural labor and birth. I even received Hypnobabies from an online friend. I was set to rock this birth! So when Sweet Pea was presenting herself transverse oblique at around 36 weeks and the doctor said I would need a c-section, I was completely devastated. I cried and cried and cried. I belonged to an online community where they kind of presented c-sections as a horrible birth, and I felt like a failure

So came the day of the section. Mister and I met my dad and mom at the hospital bright and early, and I got all hooked up to the monitors. I'd been having braxton hicks contractions for weeks, so when I started having them that morning, I thought nothing of it. I nonchalantly asked the nurse if the monitors were picking up the contractions, she said yes. I asked how often they were happening, it felt pretty often to me. She said every three minutes, and that they were lasting about a minute to a minute and a half, and that I was in early labor!! They checked the position of Sweet Pea, and she was head down! My dreams of having a natural labor were back on track!

Because of all my high risk factors, they didn't want Sweet Pea coming any later that 39 weeks 6 days, so I couldn't go home to labor on my own. I know that I could have put my foot down and said that I was leaving, but the fact of the matter was, I did have many risk factors and I had to put some faith in the doctors. My dad left the room, and the doctors checked me to see how dilated I was, not even a centimeter. It was very early labor.

They started talking pitocin. I refused. I've read a lot about it, and know a few people personally that have had it and then had horrible, HORRIBLE long labors, and then ended with an emergency c-section anyway. Thanks, but no thanks. They then mentioned the foley bulb. I thought I knew what that was. I was wrong about one major part. It goes up PAST the cervix. Ouch, is a major under statement. While they were trying to put it in, I was panicking. Because of past trauma I would assume. I screamed and cried and finally said SCREAMED that I couldn't do this anymore and that I just wanted the c-section. The doctor asked if he could try one more time to put the bulb it, but with just his fingers. I said ok.

All of a sudden, I felt a gush. I said, in an excited tone, "I think I peed myself". The doctor insisted that I didn't, and continued on his way. More gushing happened. "No, I really think I'm peeing myself!" The doctor then said, "OH! Your water broke!" And said that they didn't need to put the foley bulb in, because their goal with those is to get you to four centimeters just so they can break your waters. My dad was then allowed to come back in, and my step-mom soon joined us.

I labored for 6 hours. And nothing changed. Somewhere in there I told my dad and step-mom they could leave, because it could take many, many hours. After those 6 whole hours, I had had enough. I was tired of people wanting access to my vagina. Yes. I'm a wimp. I had been up for well over 24 hours at that point, hadn't eaten since 6PM the night before and I was done. I know there are women that have had much harder labors than I did, and pushed babies out of their vagina's, they're are stronger than I. I told the doctor that I wanted the c-section. I was done. She agreed, that because my waters had been broken for 6 hours already, , and there was no progress that I could have the section. She wasn't pleased, but she agreed.

There was a huge relief in the room when the decision had been made. Mine and Mister's mood's lifted, which in turn lifted my mom's mood. We called my dad and step-mom and told them what was going on. Things then started happening really fast. They started putting IV's in me and bringing scrubs in for Mister. I said my teary goodbye's to my mom and were walking down the hall to the OR.

They had Mister wait outside the OR, so we had to say goodbye. I cried a lot, and gave him a lot of kisses. It's really scary. I was mainly scared of the spinal going in. I was scared that I was too fat, and that they wouldn't be able to get it in. I may have also been scared shitless of the pain. It's a giant needled, in your spine!

There was a wonderful nurse that I can't remember the name of, that helped focus me as I hunched over. I repeated over and over and over, "birth without fear, birth without fear, birth without fear". They had to put the spinal in 3-4 separate times. The sensation is quite different. They would put the tubing down my spine and then tap and ask if it hurt, it would. And they would ask where. This went one a few times until it finally worked. When it did, my legs got all weird and warm. Then they laid me back and brought in Mister. I had never been so happy to see him. They told him he could hold my hand. He didn't let go the whole time.

Sweet Pea's first picture, earth side.
They explained the entire process as they were going. It  was wonderful. I honestly enjoyed it. I could feel everything they were doing, without feeling any pain. I could feel as they pulled Sweet Pea out, and it was amazing!

She didn't cry right away, she kind of just looked around. But when she did, I started crying right along with her.

They delayed her cord clamping for a whole whopping minute. O.o I was hoping for it to stop pulsing, but I can't have everything. Mister did get to cut the cord, they wrapped her up and Mister brought her over to see me. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen! I instantly fell in love.
First kiss from mama

She weighed in at 8 lbs 1.3 oz, and was 19 3/4 inches long. She was and still is the most perfect baby there
8 lbs, 1 oz.
ever could be.

They wrapped her up and gave her to Mister to bring over to me. I got to give her kisses just minutes after she was born. We all stayed in the OR until they were done closing me up, I was fighting sleep at this point. I had been up over 24 hours, and was beyond tired.

They then let Mister take Sweet Pea into the recovery room and inflated a mattress thing under me that made it easier possible to transfer me to my bed. They then moved me into the recovery room with Sweet Pea and Mister.

Skin to skin after first feeding of colostrum
I immediately got to do skin to skin. And although I am not able to breast feed due to a medication that I'm on, I did get to do a few colostrum feedings. She had a great latch, we got a few pictures, but decided to keep them for us.

Recovery went really well. Obviously it hurt, but I was determined to heal as quickly as possible. I was up and walking 12 hours after surgery, and doing things on my own as soon as I could.

I had two amazing nurses that helped with everything when I couldn't do anything for myself. Then there was Beth. Beth was not a good nurse.

I was holding Sweet Pea on my chest, skin to skin. Beth came in, took her from me and swaddled her then placed her in the bassinet next to my bed and said I was teaching her bad habits, by letting her sleep on my chest. O.o Really? I'm teaching my one day old baby bad habits? She also kept telling us that we weren't keeping her warm enough. Sweet Pea has hated being swaddled since day one. She also does not like wearing hats. I was also trying to do as much skin to skin as possible. That's a little difficult to do when they're all bundled up with a hat on!

I enjoyed my birth experience. I don't feel that I was robbed of anything. I got a pretty awesome door prize too!
Ready to go home!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

It's a placenta pill kind of day

Today was a rough one. I may have bitten a head or two off, all belonging to Mister. Of course.

I had to say goodbye to some of Sweet Pea's 0-3 month clothes. Well....maybe not goodbye, they just went into a laundry basket on top of the dresser, but she's not going to get to wear them, ever again. I'm not ready for this. She's still a newborn in my eyes. How is this happening so fast? Today has been filled with lots of tears, begging and pleading with a 10 week old to please slow down in the growing department, and placenta pills.

I'm enjoying this new stage. All the eye contact, and smiles. Oh the smiles, they melt my heart. But the thought of Sweet Pea being in 3-6 month clothes makes me realize she will soon be in 9 month clothes, and then be in 12 month clothes...I'm trying so hard to live in the moment. Enjoy every second.

I think part of the problem is I'm still quite tired from our road trip. Next time, there will be a slumber party happening haha

 I'm missing my newborn. I realize that she is still kind of a newborn, she's still pretty floppy, and that I have so much to look forward to. It's just all happening so fast. Sweet Pea is most likely the only sweet pea we will ever have, this needs to slow down.

P.S. The pills are already helping 

Happy second birthday Bug!

On Saturday morning Sweet Pea and I ventured 3.5 hours north for Bug's second birthday party. I can't believe he's two! It feels like just yesterday I made the trip up there to see him for the first time.

Sweet Pea and I got up "early", and hurried to get ready. I'm still getting used to the fact that it takes twice as long to get ready as you think it's going to take with a baby. We were going to carpool up with my mom, since she wanted to visit with a friend that lives up there anyway. We got a late start, and forgot that babies tend to need to eat along the way, on long car trips. We stopped halfway there to feed all of us.

We finally made it up there 2 hours late, but still before the party. Sweet Pea slept pretty much the whole way, other than the pit stop. She got a little fussy the last 10 minutes. I fed her shortly after arriving, and then she started getting a little fussy. We tried walking around with her, taking her outside, taking her to a quiet room, nothing seemed to work. I finally changed her diaper and put her party dress on, and then she was all smiles. What can I say? She just wanted a wardrobe change. She knows when there's a party about to happen.

 The party was amazing, totally went off without a hitch. With that many toddlers, and so few tears, I was truly amazed. I bet there were nearly 10 toddlers there, and zero meltdowns! And I believe most of the kids went to another birthday party earlier in the day too! They all played so well together.

Bug got to have a slumber party with with his two cousins! They are so incredibly cute together! They are really the three best friends that any one could have.

 A. on the left, is 4. He is the most polite, sweet, soft spoken 4 year old I have ever met. He will go up to Bug and say, ""Bug" I would like to play with you please, let's go play". He is so extremely cute! And M. on the far right is so freakin' adorable I can't even stand it! She's 3. She was sitting with her Grandma, my aunt, trying to get her to play inside with her and Grandma didn't want to. So M. would say "Pweeeaaasee Gwaama? Pweeeaaase?" Totally melts your heart.
 Sweet Pea did pretty well the whole party, considering she's only 10 weeks old. She was extremely over stimulated, and we did have to go to a quiet room a few times to get her to eat or to fall asleep. She took about 3 20 minute naps the entire day. There was another mommy there that had a baby boy that was 4 months old, so I got to ask her all sorts of questions. She also had a c-section, so she had lots of good information.

By the time it was time to leave, I was more than tired. We had so much fun, but had a long trip ahead of us. We were invited to spend the night, but I don't think I was ready for that yet. I have a hard time falling asleep anyway, and we go to bed later than most people, and sleep later than most people. Although, it was really hard driving up and back in one day while partying with a bunch of two year old's all day, really does take a lot out of a person. Maybe next time we will stay over night. I'm still recovering. It took a lot out of Sweet Pea too!

She fell asleep at about 7:30PM, just before my mom came to pick me up. We didn't end up leaving until 8:30PM, again, it takes much longer to get ready with a baby than on would expect. Plus I was having so much fun visiting with everyone and watching Bug open all his gifts. She slept the ENTIRE way home, I fed her when we got to my moms, Mister came to pick us up there and she slept until we got home. She was up for about 45 minutes, ate a little bit more and slept for 8 hours straight, ate a few ounces and slept another 4 hours!! The kid was tired! Hell, I'm still tired!

I hope Bug had as good a time as we did, he was such a good host. Happy birthday Love Bug! Auntie loves you to pieces! Now stop growing so fast!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Mister-less road trip

It looks like Sweet Pea and I will be making the trip up north without Mister. :( He's come down with the ick. Last night he had a fever of 101.2, his normal temperature is 96.8, so it's a pretty good fever for him. We're keeping Sweet Pea away from him, and washing our hands constantly.

This weekend is my nephew, Bug's second birthday, and he's having a party. We won't be driving up there alone, my mom is going to visit a friend that lives up there, so we're carpooling with her. But we'll be at the party, Mister-less.

The next day is a family dinner, hopefully he'll be feeling better by then. He just doesn't feel up to driving 3.5 hours north, and exposing a bunch of kids to whatever he may have. His fever has already broken, but we're playing it safe.

Sweet Pea has been a little fussy today, I think she can sense that her daddy doesn't feel well, and doesn't understand why he hasn't held her all day. She fussed herself to sleep on my chest. She'll probably wake up just in time for me to eat dinner. Yes, we're eating late tonight.

Wash behind your baby's ears

Something no one told me before Sweet Pea was here? I need to wash behind her ears. O.o

I've seen Leave it to Beaver. I've seen when June Cleaver told the Beave to wash behind his ears. But I didn't think babies could get dirty behind their ears! What could they possibly do to get dirty back there?! Then again, her finger nails do get quite disgusting, it's not like she's playing in the dirt yet.

Lesson learned. Wash behind babies ears.