Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Mister-less road trip

It looks like Sweet Pea and I will be making the trip up north without Mister. :( He's come down with the ick. Last night he had a fever of 101.2, his normal temperature is 96.8, so it's a pretty good fever for him. We're keeping Sweet Pea away from him, and washing our hands constantly.

This weekend is my nephew, Bug's second birthday, and he's having a party. We won't be driving up there alone, my mom is going to visit a friend that lives up there, so we're carpooling with her. But we'll be at the party, Mister-less.

The next day is a family dinner, hopefully he'll be feeling better by then. He just doesn't feel up to driving 3.5 hours north, and exposing a bunch of kids to whatever he may have. His fever has already broken, but we're playing it safe.

Sweet Pea has been a little fussy today, I think she can sense that her daddy doesn't feel well, and doesn't understand why he hasn't held her all day. She fussed herself to sleep on my chest. She'll probably wake up just in time for me to eat dinner. Yes, we're eating late tonight.