Sunday, January 20, 2013

First visit to L&D

Friday afternoon I was reading some crap online, and the back of my neck started getting stiff, and hurting. It was on it's way up to my head when I noticed I was seeing white spots in my left eye. It got progressively worse and I was having a hard time focusing on anything. I then started getting a zig zag line with rainbow colors, floating around in my left field of vision. Well, that's odd.

I mentioned it to Mister, and he immediately wanted to go to the ER, because of all the problems I've had in the recent past. I was sure it was nothing, and that I was fine. I closed the lid to my computer and tried to focus on TV, then I started getting double vision. I opened my computer back up, and started Googling high blood pressure symptoms. Nothing was really adding up to high blood pressure, but then the vision in my left eye started getting dark! I then agreed, it was time to go to the hospital. What if it was a stroke?!

My head was getting more and more painful, Mister and I checked my vision, and I couldn't see a damn thing in my left eye! We hurried and got ready, and right before we got in the car my vision came back, but it was still quite dark. I also couldn't see with my peripherals, and my headache was getting really bad. It was rush hour on a Friday evening at this point. Not too fun driving with the sun stabbing you in the eyes and into your brain.

We got to the hospital, told the lady I was 22 weeks along in my pregnancy and they rushed me right back. My blood pressure was elevated, but not to a dangerous level by any means. They did the stroke tests and said it wasn't that, so they were going to send me over to Labor and Delivery. Apparently, when you're past 20 weeks, you're suppose to go there for pretty much anything besides a broken bone. Whatever, no one told me.

We got there and they were SO nice!! We've had some major issues with some of the nurses in the ER in the past, mainly just one, but enough to tarnish the whole staff. They also went through the stroke tests and ruled it out as well, they looked in my eyes, and kept the lights really low. They got out the ultrasound machine to make sure that everything was OK with Sweet Pea, she was doing well and dancing like crazy. Punching the *air* and kicking left and right. She's head down, but will most likely turn several times before she stays head down.

After all of the exams and tests, they decided it was an ocular migraine, feel free to read about it here. Well color me shocked. I've never actually been diagnosed with migraines, I thought that I had them in the past, but this was SO much worse! I couldn't handle a spec of light, ( which was a lot of fun to deal with when they were using a flashlight to look into my eye ) and I felt like I was going to puke.

They came in and told me what it was, and I asked how to fix it. They said that they would like to give me a Morphine shot in my butt cheek..... Um....I hate shots. Like...really hate them. When I was a kid, they had to hold me down to give me shots, while I kicked, screamed and cried. I didn't really want to relive that at the age of 27. I asked if it hurt very bad. ( I needed this headache to stop, like....yesterday ) The room fell quiet, never a good sign. The nurse quietly said, "yes, yes it does". I looked at Mister, fear in my eyes. He confirmed this. He had to get a few when he was a kid, because he had horrible migraines. I looked back at the nurse, and explained that they may need to hold me down to give me the shot. She smiled and said that they could just give me a couple Percocets. ::Sigh:: Much easier. She brought me the pills and then another one for the nausea, along with a sugar free Jello. And then...She offered us both dinner!! It was past 8pm at that point, and offered to get Mister something to drink, and then asked if we had dinner yet!! We would have NEVER gotten anything like that in the ER, (granted, it is the emergency room, but sometimes they're just nasty) We kindly declined, but appreciated the thought very much. She also said they pain killers would take about an hour to kick in...GAH! Another hour?! My head was still getting worse and worse.

About 20 minutes before they kicked in, I was in tears. I had the blanket over my head and was moaning...possibly loudly. Pain like this I never knew! I wanted to go home, but I felt to shitty to move. Mister rubbed my back, and reassured me that everything would be OK. It started getting better, finally! some relief! They said we could go home, now that the medicine was working. They also told me to come back if I lose vision in either eye again. It was still darker than usual, kind of like someone turned off the lights, just on the left side.

When I stood up to walk out, I was loopy as hell! I've taken Percocet plenty of times, wow I just made myself sound like a hardcore junkie, I promise...I'm not. *that's just what a junkie would say!!* Anyway, the nurse went and got a wheel chair for me. We asked which way we should go to get out, because we came in through emergency. She then pushed me all the way! And it was a long trip! I thanked her for being so nice, and started crying. Being pregnant and having narcotics in your system makes you really silly.

We came home, and I called my mom. Then promptly fell asleep on the phone. Mister woke me up with a big steak in front of me. I scarfed down every bite, while we watched a movie. I then went to sleep again, and slept for about 13 hours. The next day I felt like hell! My head still hurt, not nearly as bad, but still not good! I had zero energy and just felt like ick. Mister said that's exactly how he felt after having one. We went up to my moms to pick up a package, and stayed there for a few hours. Just when we were getting ready to leave, one of the cats jumped on my lap.....of course I couldn't leave then! So I snuggled down and continued to feel like shit. When we finally got home, I wen't straight to bed.

Today, I feel so much better. I have a shadow of a headache and still don't have a ton of energy. Sweet Pea *almost spilled the name there!* has been very active and kicking like crazy. I called Mister over to see if he could feel her, as soon as he put his hand on my belly she kicked! And he felt it!! She's getting stronger by the minute. She gets very excited whenever she hears her daddy talk to her. Already a daddy's girl.

At around 4pm today I started getting restless. I needed to stretch my legs, get some fresh air. So we drove to a little park near by and went for a brisk walk. It was SO incredibly windy out, both of our hair looked a little ridiculous by the time we were done. With the wind blowing, I bet it was close to 26 F out there. Buuurrrr.

Well, Mister is bringing dinner to me, so I must go and eat. :)