Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy second birthday Bug!

On Saturday morning Sweet Pea and I ventured 3.5 hours north for Bug's second birthday party. I can't believe he's two! It feels like just yesterday I made the trip up there to see him for the first time.

Sweet Pea and I got up "early", and hurried to get ready. I'm still getting used to the fact that it takes twice as long to get ready as you think it's going to take with a baby. We were going to carpool up with my mom, since she wanted to visit with a friend that lives up there anyway. We got a late start, and forgot that babies tend to need to eat along the way, on long car trips. We stopped halfway there to feed all of us.

We finally made it up there 2 hours late, but still before the party. Sweet Pea slept pretty much the whole way, other than the pit stop. She got a little fussy the last 10 minutes. I fed her shortly after arriving, and then she started getting a little fussy. We tried walking around with her, taking her outside, taking her to a quiet room, nothing seemed to work. I finally changed her diaper and put her party dress on, and then she was all smiles. What can I say? She just wanted a wardrobe change. She knows when there's a party about to happen.

 The party was amazing, totally went off without a hitch. With that many toddlers, and so few tears, I was truly amazed. I bet there were nearly 10 toddlers there, and zero meltdowns! And I believe most of the kids went to another birthday party earlier in the day too! They all played so well together.

Bug got to have a slumber party with with his two cousins! They are so incredibly cute together! They are really the three best friends that any one could have.

 A. on the left, is 4. He is the most polite, sweet, soft spoken 4 year old I have ever met. He will go up to Bug and say, ""Bug" I would like to play with you please, let's go play". He is so extremely cute! And M. on the far right is so freakin' adorable I can't even stand it! She's 3. She was sitting with her Grandma, my aunt, trying to get her to play inside with her and Grandma didn't want to. So M. would say "Pweeeaaasee Gwaama? Pweeeaaase?" Totally melts your heart.
 Sweet Pea did pretty well the whole party, considering she's only 10 weeks old. She was extremely over stimulated, and we did have to go to a quiet room a few times to get her to eat or to fall asleep. She took about 3 20 minute naps the entire day. There was another mommy there that had a baby boy that was 4 months old, so I got to ask her all sorts of questions. She also had a c-section, so she had lots of good information.

By the time it was time to leave, I was more than tired. We had so much fun, but had a long trip ahead of us. We were invited to spend the night, but I don't think I was ready for that yet. I have a hard time falling asleep anyway, and we go to bed later than most people, and sleep later than most people. Although, it was really hard driving up and back in one day while partying with a bunch of two year old's all day, really does take a lot out of a person. Maybe next time we will stay over night. I'm still recovering. It took a lot out of Sweet Pea too!

She fell asleep at about 7:30PM, just before my mom came to pick me up. We didn't end up leaving until 8:30PM, again, it takes much longer to get ready with a baby than on would expect. Plus I was having so much fun visiting with everyone and watching Bug open all his gifts. She slept the ENTIRE way home, I fed her when we got to my moms, Mister came to pick us up there and she slept until we got home. She was up for about 45 minutes, ate a little bit more and slept for 8 hours straight, ate a few ounces and slept another 4 hours!! The kid was tired! Hell, I'm still tired!

I hope Bug had as good a time as we did, he was such a good host. Happy birthday Love Bug! Auntie loves you to pieces! Now stop growing so fast!!