Sunday, August 18, 2013

No room for complaints

Each morning when Sweet Pea is kicking me in the ribs and squirming around, trying to tell me that she's hungry and would like to wake up to eat, I think....ugh! I don't WANT to get up! I'm tired of this! Why can't someone else do this?! I just want to sleep! I should really have her start sleeping in her crib tonight.

That lasts about a minute. And then I look at her sweet little face. She's still asleep, and has been for 8+ hours. I know, I have absolutely no room to complain. I then get up and pee, scoop her up and bring her out front to change her diaper and feed her. She gobbles down her bottle and we head back to bed for another 4 hours.

Yep. I'm a new mom that gets 12 hours of sleep a night. I have absolutely no room to complain. And I'm not. It's that one minute when she's first waking up, the rib kicking and squirming. I usually have to wake her up when it's time to get up!!

2 hours after waking up, she starts getting fussy, I pick her up and give her her passie and she falls asleep...usually like clock work. Although, the last couple of days she's been having issues napping, like she knows something fun is going on, and she might miss out.

Yesterday we went up to my moms, and she didn't all. We thought a car drive would put her to sleep, so we drove to Khols, but as soon as we got inside she was bright eyed. And then was wide awake until 11:30PM. She was also a little cranky while trying to get her to sleep...a little over stimulated and waaay over tired.

We're going over to my dad's house tonight for dinner, but she's napping now. So hopefully she'll stay awake while we're there and then nap when we get home, and still go to bed when mama is ready.