Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our other babies

Long before we had Sweet Pea, we had Bunjie, Lucy, and Whitey. We got Bunjie because Mister is deathly allergic to cats, and I had to have a furry little pet. Then he seemed so sad and depressed, and would just sit in his "sad corner", for hours at a time. So we got Lucy. They had 27 babies. 27!!! The first litter didn't live, but the second one did. There were 3 black babies and one white one.

Lucy kept taking the white one out of the nest and leaving it alone by the food dish. Mister and I both would put it back in the nest, then she would move the other babies out and just leave the white one. It was still alive, but not thriving. We rushed to the pet store and got kitten formula and tried to feed this tiny wiggly little bunny. It was having no part of it. So we just squirted the formula all over the baby bunny and put it back in the nest. This whole time we were just calling this little baby bunny, "the white one" or "whitey", we didn't plan on keeping it. And then it turned into a little ball of adorable fluff, and then turned into a she. And we just couldn't give her away.

Lucy isn't quite as friendly as the other two. She grew up on a "bunny farm", and was in a tiny cage for most of the day. So she doesn't really like to be handled much. Although, once she settles down in a comfy spot on you, she'll tolerate the pets. She can cuddles once in a while. She's a lion head, and is quite fluffy, but that can get a little messy too. We have literal dust bunnies.

Bunjie is my baby. We got him when he was less than 6 weeks old. He will sit on my lap and just stretch out. He even lets me hold him like a baby once in a while. When I was pregnant, he would sit on my belly, and anytime Sweet Pea would move, he would thump and start digging! When I held him for the first time since having Sweet Pea, he jumped on my belly and started pushing around with his front paws, like he didn't understand why it was empty.

Since having Sweet Pea, the bunnies have been a bit neglected. I have felt so guilty, but all of my time and energy goes to Sweet Pea. Mister still goes and feeds them and picks them up to check them out, but I miss holding them.

Last night was kind of a difficult night, I've been emotional...what's new. So Mister brought out Bunjie, and took Sweet Pea from me. I sobbed. I held him so tight and soaked his soft coat with my tears. And he let me do it! He cuddled right up to my neck and stretched out. It was a good bonding moment. I think it's safe to say my hormones are NOT back to normal!