Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The glamorous fourth trimester

The past couple of weeks, I've been creating more laundry than Sweet Pea! These postpartum sweats are no joke. We keep it a cool 72* in the house, and sometimes I'm cool as a cucumber, and others, I'm dripping sweat. It's quite disgusting really. I usually wear my shirts and pants a few times, because I don't wear them long. We wear cozy clothes around the house. But lately I've been sweating so bad that I've only been able to wear things once, which is making quite a bit of laundry. I don't dry my shirts, because they shrink up. Meaning, they will eventually shrink up enough to show my belly....not cool. So I have to hang them all to dry. I have now run out of shirts that fit, so I have been forced to do my laundry.

Another not so glamorous part of the postpartum world? Hair loss. I don't mean just a few hairs here and there. I mean hand fulls. My bathroom counter looks like a sasquatch exploded in there. At this rate Sweet Pea is going to have more hair than me in a couple months! I'm thinking of chopping off a couple inches anyway.

So those women you see in the movies, that are walking around with their adorable babies looking beautiful, that's only partially true. The babies are adorable, but the fourth trimester is no where near glamorous. The "glow" everyone refers to, is just a ridiculous amount of sweat.

I should go wash my sheets....night sweats are even worse than day sweats. Especially being cuddled up to Sweet Pea, the cutest space heater around!