Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So I did a clothing swap with a local mama. I had a bunch of boy clothes which I obviously don't need, and she had a huge lot of baby girl clothes. She posted in a group that she wanted to swap for boy clothes, how perfect. She had sizes 0-12 months, but I didn't need that much, and I didn't have that many clothes. So she said she would keep everything up to 6-9 months. After I went through the boy clothes I had, I said she could through in a few 3-6 months if she would like, because I had a lot more than I thought. She already had given them away though, and that was fine.

We swapped clothes on Sunday at a Kmart close by. We washed all the clothes, and Monday I went through them. I was very excited. There were a lot of very cute clothes. But as I got further and further into the pile, the more I noticed the pile of 3-6 months clothes grew. Almost all of the clothes I got were 3-6 months! Barely any 6-9 months. I don't think she did it on purpose, I don't even think she knew. Most of the clothes say "6" on them, which is actually 3-6, not 6-9. I tried a few outfits on Sweet Pea today for her 4 month picture, some of them are already too small. It's disappointing. We already had a ton of 3-6 month stuff, but barely any 6-9 month stuff, and money is really tight. We'll make due with what we have, it's just frustrating.

And since I mentioned Sweet Pea's 4 month picture, I'll share the cuteness.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Miss Grump a lump

Poor Sweet Pea had her hardest night, last night, in a long time. It all started when I went to check out some clothes I'm planning on trading for some bigger sizes.

I took her into the bedroom with me, and laid her down on the bed. She had a complete meltdown when I went into the closet to sort out the clothes. I picked her up to calm her down, which worked. So I wrapped her up in the BabyHawk and tried to go about my business. I turned on the fan, beacause I sweat, all the time. And she started melting down again. I already had all the clothes dumped out all over my bed, but whatever.

I unwrapped her, and brought her back to the front room and tried to feed her. She ate about an ounce and fell asleep. She napped for 30 minutes and woke up.

The day went on as normal, kind of fussy, but normal. She took another 20 minute nap, and woke up a complete grump. When it came time to go to bed, she didn't want to eat. She didn't want to go to bed. She fell completely apart. The world was ending. She cried and cried.

Nothing would soothe her. I rocked her. I sang to her. I tried to feed her. The only thing that would calm her down was me walking around with her. I did get her to eat 2 ounces before she fell asleep, but then I made the mistake of trying to go to the bathroom. Then the melt down started all over again. We both cried ourselves to sleep. It was a very difficult night.

This was earlier in the evening. Thank god she's cute!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best two lines ever

One year ago today our lives forever changed. It was the most exciting, exhilarating and terrifying time of our lives. I had been a little more cranky than usual, and crying a lot, so Mister suggested I pee on a magical stick. Usually the first sign of pregnancy would be a missed period, but I haven't had a regular period since I was a teenager, and we didn't really think it was possible for me to get pregnant. A doctor told me that I didn't ovulate, due to having P.C.O.S. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). So seeing those two lines show up was quite a shock.

I was really sick at the time, so the timing wasn't the best. But a few months into the pregnancy the sickness went away, and the pregnancy was wonderful. This was the happiest and scariest day of my life. Either way, those were the best two lines I've ever seen in my life.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Things I'm doing that you might find odd

I ate my placenta. I didn't eat it raw, although some people do. I had someone encapsulate, and make a tincture out of mine. To encapsulate it, they dehydrate the placenta then grind it up and put it into capsules. To make a tincture, they take a small chunk of the placenta and soak it in alcohol for 12+ weeks, and then do other things that I'm not too clear on. I haven't picked up my tincture yet, things have been busy. I took the pills twice a day for 2 weeks, and now just when I feel that I need them. They're still sitting in my freezer, staying nice and fresh.

No rice cereal. Rice cereal really doesn't offer any nutrients that real food won't. It's full of carbs which just turn into sugars. Sure there's iron and a few vitamins, but there's also arsenic in it, that should be reason enough to not feed it to any baby.

Baby led weaning. Sweet Pea won't have a taste of food, other than milkies, until somewhere around six months of age. We will offer soft healthy foods that we're eating over jarred baby food. She will need to show interest, be able to sit up on her own, be able to grab food with her index finger and thumb, and be able to move the food down her throat without thrusting her tongue out. Her formula will be her main source of nutrition.

Bottle feeding. I'm a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I think that if you are able to, that is what should be offered to your baby. I also feel that you shouldn't force your baby to wean before s/he is ready. That being said, I don't breastfeed. I'm on a medication that passes through the breast milk, and is very dangerous if Sweet Pea were to ingest any. I was able to give her a few colostrum feedings, which was very special to me. So we bottle feed, with formula. And she's thriving beautifully.

Co-sleeping/Bed-sharing. Sweet Pea has five different sleeping surfaces just for her. Yet, she sleeps right next to me in the crook of my arm. While we were sleeping one night, when she was just a few weeks old, she stopped breathing. I put my hand on her chest, and it wasn't moving. I shook her and yelled at her to breathe, she jumped and gasped then started breathing again. If she hadn't been right beside me, what would have happened?

Teething bling. A few weeks ago I ordered Sweet Pea an amber teething necklace, but I got a few...interesting comments about it. So we're currently waiting on a teething bracelet, that she'll wear around her ankle. Amber is not meant to be chewed, it's suppose to sit on the skin. As the body heats up the amber, succinic acids are released, which work as a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation, making teething easier.

Babywearing. Sweet Pea and I don't often leave the house, to go somewhere that she wouldn't be held the entire time. But when we do, I try to wear her as apposed to pushing her in the stroller. Sweet Pea likes to be held, and if we're going for a walk or at a store, my arms get tired. So babywearing comes in handy. I just bought a babyhawk, mei tai carrier. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because it's still drying from it's initial washing. I also have a ring sling, and a make shift Moby wrap that I made myself.

Gentle parenting. Sweet Pea rarely cries. When she does, Mister or I go right to her and pick her up to comfort her. Under no circumstance, do we believe in the CIO (cry it out) method. We see it as abuse and neglect. Sweet Pea is on a schedule, but we're not very strict about it, and she set it herself. If she does have fits of crying, we are right there to comfort her through it.

Baby gear. This is where I get a little less, crunchy. We have lots of baby gear. Lots. And I love all of it! We had every intention of Sweet Pea sleeping in her bassinet right next to the bed, and then moving to her crib when she out grew that. But it didn't work out that way. She won't sleep anywhere else. She needs her Mama to sleep, and I'm more than happy to be there. So we have a full size crib and a bassinet. We also have a Pack n' Play that I had originally thought she would nap in when we were all in the front room. My mom's friend got it for us, and it came with a changing table, we use that many times a day. Then we have her swing. I love that swing. If she's not napping on Mister or I, she's in the swing. We also just got a Bumbo, she really seems to like that. She's always liked to sit up like a big baby. My parents just got her a jumper, she's still a tad small for it, but really likes reaching for the toys, and pressing the buttons. Obviously she also has a car seat too. We got that from Mister's brother and his wife. I love baby gear. I've always wanted a baby, and all the gadgets that go along with it.

I do realize that this isn't everyone's parenting style. I'm really glad that Sweet Pea is getting to start her life this way. She is an extremely happy, easy going baby. She trusts that we will be there to take care of her. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letters to Sweet Pea 3.5 months

Dear Sweet Pea,

You have grown and changed so much in these 3.5 short months that we've had you. I want to remember all your little moments and habits.

You had a full head of hair when you were born. In your first few weeks of life, you would grab a hold of your hair and pull. You would then scream and cry, and look at Mommy and Daddy like we did something awful to you. We had to keep little mittens on you for a while, so you wouldn't do it too often.

When you were a teeny tiny little baby, *when you were first born* when Mommy or Daddy would try to feed you, you would thrash you head back and forth really fast until we were able to get the nipple in your mouth. You don't do that as much now. If you're really hungry, you will do it a little. You mainly just thrash when you're sleepy and want your passie.

You currently have a sensitive tummy, we're hoping that you will grow out of this. When you were first born, the kind of milkies that we fed you made you very upset. You would throw up, nearly every time we fed you! Once we changed to a sensitive milky, you felt much better. While you were having these tummy problems, you would scream and cry. Mommy and Daddy would try everything we could to make you feel better, sometimes nothing would work. Now you're felling much better, and eat like a champ.

You sleep with Mommy every night. We didn't plan on having you sleep in the same bed as me, but you refused to sleep anywhere else! When you were first born, you would sleep for two hours at a time, tops. And you would sleep in your swing, while Daddy or Mommy would sleep on the couch in the front room with you. But, Mommy and Daddy started to miss each other, from sleeping at different times, so we tried to have you sleep in the lovely bassinet we bought just for you, but you would have no part of that, you would only sleep with Mommy. You even started sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks! We were very happy about that.

When you fall asleep for your nap, you like to put your hand over your nose and mouth, this would make us very nervous when you were tiny. Over the last few weeks, when we go to bed, you like to reach out and touch Mommy's face, sometimes smacking it a bit. A couple weeks ago, you fell asleep while holding my bottom lip. You're such a silly girl.

You absolutely love car rides! When we put you in your car seat, you get very excited and smile really big. You barely last 5 minutes in the car before you're asleep. When you were 10 weeks old, you had your first big road trip. We drove up North to see your cousin for his second birthday, you did an amazing job. Slept pretty much the whole way there and back. I hope you always love car rides this much.

You had your first overnight trip this month as well! Grandma S. took you, Daddy and I to the beach for Mommy's birthday. You had a little bit of a difficult time, but over all it went well.

You're now reaching for your toys, and not just the ones hanging over your head, the ones that out in front of you! Grandma and Grandpa L. got you a jumper seat, and you love it! You reach for your toys and push the buttons. Your feet don't quite reach yet, but they're pretty close.

Grandma S. got you a Bumbo seat a couple of days ago, and you seem to really enjoy it. You have wanted to sit up like a big girl for several weeks, and this little seat helps you do that. In fact, you're sitting in it right now, playing with your little toys.

Mommy tries to read to you every day, sometimes I miss a day or two. Your favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You reach for the pages of bright colors, and get very excited when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

You love Mommy and Daddy so much. When Daddy walks into the room, you light up. You get the biggest smile. Mommy got your first giggle this week too! It was the cutest, most beautiful sound. You have the best giggle.

You have been "talking" up a storm this month. Each morning when you wake me up, you let out one big yell. I wake up and then you tell me all about your dreams. Just a few short months ago, you would scream until you turned purple. I like the babbling much better. Right now, you're laying on the floor talking to yourself. When you're sitting on Mommy or Daddy's lap, and you're looking at your toes, you grunt. It's your concentration voice. It's pretty freakin' adorable.

These past 3.5 months have been the best times of my life. You are an amazing addition to our family, and the most loved little girl in the entire world.