Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So I did a clothing swap with a local mama. I had a bunch of boy clothes which I obviously don't need, and she had a huge lot of baby girl clothes. She posted in a group that she wanted to swap for boy clothes, how perfect. She had sizes 0-12 months, but I didn't need that much, and I didn't have that many clothes. So she said she would keep everything up to 6-9 months. After I went through the boy clothes I had, I said she could through in a few 3-6 months if she would like, because I had a lot more than I thought. She already had given them away though, and that was fine.

We swapped clothes on Sunday at a Kmart close by. We washed all the clothes, and Monday I went through them. I was very excited. There were a lot of very cute clothes. But as I got further and further into the pile, the more I noticed the pile of 3-6 months clothes grew. Almost all of the clothes I got were 3-6 months! Barely any 6-9 months. I don't think she did it on purpose, I don't even think she knew. Most of the clothes say "6" on them, which is actually 3-6, not 6-9. I tried a few outfits on Sweet Pea today for her 4 month picture, some of them are already too small. It's disappointing. We already had a ton of 3-6 month stuff, but barely any 6-9 month stuff, and money is really tight. We'll make due with what we have, it's just frustrating.

And since I mentioned Sweet Pea's 4 month picture, I'll share the cuteness.