Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letters to Sweet Pea 3.5 months

Dear Sweet Pea,

You have grown and changed so much in these 3.5 short months that we've had you. I want to remember all your little moments and habits.

You had a full head of hair when you were born. In your first few weeks of life, you would grab a hold of your hair and pull. You would then scream and cry, and look at Mommy and Daddy like we did something awful to you. We had to keep little mittens on you for a while, so you wouldn't do it too often.

When you were a teeny tiny little baby, *when you were first born* when Mommy or Daddy would try to feed you, you would thrash you head back and forth really fast until we were able to get the nipple in your mouth. You don't do that as much now. If you're really hungry, you will do it a little. You mainly just thrash when you're sleepy and want your passie.

You currently have a sensitive tummy, we're hoping that you will grow out of this. When you were first born, the kind of milkies that we fed you made you very upset. You would throw up, nearly every time we fed you! Once we changed to a sensitive milky, you felt much better. While you were having these tummy problems, you would scream and cry. Mommy and Daddy would try everything we could to make you feel better, sometimes nothing would work. Now you're felling much better, and eat like a champ.

You sleep with Mommy every night. We didn't plan on having you sleep in the same bed as me, but you refused to sleep anywhere else! When you were first born, you would sleep for two hours at a time, tops. And you would sleep in your swing, while Daddy or Mommy would sleep on the couch in the front room with you. But, Mommy and Daddy started to miss each other, from sleeping at different times, so we tried to have you sleep in the lovely bassinet we bought just for you, but you would have no part of that, you would only sleep with Mommy. You even started sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks! We were very happy about that.

When you fall asleep for your nap, you like to put your hand over your nose and mouth, this would make us very nervous when you were tiny. Over the last few weeks, when we go to bed, you like to reach out and touch Mommy's face, sometimes smacking it a bit. A couple weeks ago, you fell asleep while holding my bottom lip. You're such a silly girl.

You absolutely love car rides! When we put you in your car seat, you get very excited and smile really big. You barely last 5 minutes in the car before you're asleep. When you were 10 weeks old, you had your first big road trip. We drove up North to see your cousin for his second birthday, you did an amazing job. Slept pretty much the whole way there and back. I hope you always love car rides this much.

You had your first overnight trip this month as well! Grandma S. took you, Daddy and I to the beach for Mommy's birthday. You had a little bit of a difficult time, but over all it went well.

You're now reaching for your toys, and not just the ones hanging over your head, the ones that out in front of you! Grandma and Grandpa L. got you a jumper seat, and you love it! You reach for your toys and push the buttons. Your feet don't quite reach yet, but they're pretty close.

Grandma S. got you a Bumbo seat a couple of days ago, and you seem to really enjoy it. You have wanted to sit up like a big girl for several weeks, and this little seat helps you do that. In fact, you're sitting in it right now, playing with your little toys.

Mommy tries to read to you every day, sometimes I miss a day or two. Your favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You reach for the pages of bright colors, and get very excited when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

You love Mommy and Daddy so much. When Daddy walks into the room, you light up. You get the biggest smile. Mommy got your first giggle this week too! It was the cutest, most beautiful sound. You have the best giggle.

You have been "talking" up a storm this month. Each morning when you wake me up, you let out one big yell. I wake up and then you tell me all about your dreams. Just a few short months ago, you would scream until you turned purple. I like the babbling much better. Right now, you're laying on the floor talking to yourself. When you're sitting on Mommy or Daddy's lap, and you're looking at your toes, you grunt. It's your concentration voice. It's pretty freakin' adorable.

These past 3.5 months have been the best times of my life. You are an amazing addition to our family, and the most loved little girl in the entire world.