Monday, September 9, 2013

Things I'm doing that you might find odd

I ate my placenta. I didn't eat it raw, although some people do. I had someone encapsulate, and make a tincture out of mine. To encapsulate it, they dehydrate the placenta then grind it up and put it into capsules. To make a tincture, they take a small chunk of the placenta and soak it in alcohol for 12+ weeks, and then do other things that I'm not too clear on. I haven't picked up my tincture yet, things have been busy. I took the pills twice a day for 2 weeks, and now just when I feel that I need them. They're still sitting in my freezer, staying nice and fresh.

No rice cereal. Rice cereal really doesn't offer any nutrients that real food won't. It's full of carbs which just turn into sugars. Sure there's iron and a few vitamins, but there's also arsenic in it, that should be reason enough to not feed it to any baby.

Baby led weaning. Sweet Pea won't have a taste of food, other than milkies, until somewhere around six months of age. We will offer soft healthy foods that we're eating over jarred baby food. She will need to show interest, be able to sit up on her own, be able to grab food with her index finger and thumb, and be able to move the food down her throat without thrusting her tongue out. Her formula will be her main source of nutrition.

Bottle feeding. I'm a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I think that if you are able to, that is what should be offered to your baby. I also feel that you shouldn't force your baby to wean before s/he is ready. That being said, I don't breastfeed. I'm on a medication that passes through the breast milk, and is very dangerous if Sweet Pea were to ingest any. I was able to give her a few colostrum feedings, which was very special to me. So we bottle feed, with formula. And she's thriving beautifully.

Co-sleeping/Bed-sharing. Sweet Pea has five different sleeping surfaces just for her. Yet, she sleeps right next to me in the crook of my arm. While we were sleeping one night, when she was just a few weeks old, she stopped breathing. I put my hand on her chest, and it wasn't moving. I shook her and yelled at her to breathe, she jumped and gasped then started breathing again. If she hadn't been right beside me, what would have happened?

Teething bling. A few weeks ago I ordered Sweet Pea an amber teething necklace, but I got a few...interesting comments about it. So we're currently waiting on a teething bracelet, that she'll wear around her ankle. Amber is not meant to be chewed, it's suppose to sit on the skin. As the body heats up the amber, succinic acids are released, which work as a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation, making teething easier.

Babywearing. Sweet Pea and I don't often leave the house, to go somewhere that she wouldn't be held the entire time. But when we do, I try to wear her as apposed to pushing her in the stroller. Sweet Pea likes to be held, and if we're going for a walk or at a store, my arms get tired. So babywearing comes in handy. I just bought a babyhawk, mei tai carrier. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because it's still drying from it's initial washing. I also have a ring sling, and a make shift Moby wrap that I made myself.

Gentle parenting. Sweet Pea rarely cries. When she does, Mister or I go right to her and pick her up to comfort her. Under no circumstance, do we believe in the CIO (cry it out) method. We see it as abuse and neglect. Sweet Pea is on a schedule, but we're not very strict about it, and she set it herself. If she does have fits of crying, we are right there to comfort her through it.

Baby gear. This is where I get a little less, crunchy. We have lots of baby gear. Lots. And I love all of it! We had every intention of Sweet Pea sleeping in her bassinet right next to the bed, and then moving to her crib when she out grew that. But it didn't work out that way. She won't sleep anywhere else. She needs her Mama to sleep, and I'm more than happy to be there. So we have a full size crib and a bassinet. We also have a Pack n' Play that I had originally thought she would nap in when we were all in the front room. My mom's friend got it for us, and it came with a changing table, we use that many times a day. Then we have her swing. I love that swing. If she's not napping on Mister or I, she's in the swing. We also just got a Bumbo, she really seems to like that. She's always liked to sit up like a big baby. My parents just got her a jumper, she's still a tad small for it, but really likes reaching for the toys, and pressing the buttons. Obviously she also has a car seat too. We got that from Mister's brother and his wife. I love baby gear. I've always wanted a baby, and all the gadgets that go along with it.

I do realize that this isn't everyone's parenting style. I'm really glad that Sweet Pea is getting to start her life this way. She is an extremely happy, easy going baby. She trusts that we will be there to take care of her.