Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy half birthday Sweet Pea!

We went for Sweet Pea's 6 month well child check up Thursday. I was less than impressed with the visit. She informed us that we need to put our 6 month old daughter, get this, on a diet! She wants us to cut back her formula, and give her 3 bottles of water a day! She also wants us to give her rice cereal, which is nothing but baby junk food that has trace amounts of arsenic in it. Sweet Pea weighs 20 lbs, she's a chunk, but she's perfect. I will not have people, and that includes doctors, tell her that she's fat.

The doctor also wanted us to give Sweet Pea fluoride. That will never, ever happen. There's fluoride in toothpaste, so when she gets teeth, and we brush her teeth, that will be enough. Ingesting fluoride is extremely unhealthy for anyone, why would I give it to my baby?! When we declined it, the doctor looked at Sweet Pea and said, "I tried baby. I'm so sorry." Excuse me? Undermine much? The only reason we don't switch doctors is because we're afraid the next one would be worse. But other than stupid useless doctors, Sweet Pea is wonderful, and healthy.

As I said, she weighs 20 lbs (85th%) 17.5 inch head (97th%) and 27 inches long (45th% I think) At the end of every undermining visit, the doctor says how perfect Sweet Pea is. Well, duh. I know how perfect she is!

A couple of weeks ago we captured her perfectness at JCPenny's. We included my parents on both sides for Christmas pictures, as well as my Grandparents. They turned out amazing! We're keeping the ones with the family to ourselves, because they may or may not be given out as gifts. But here are some of just Miss Pea.

 She has grown and changed so much. And I know that it's a major cliche, but it seems like she just arrived yesterday, but at the same time, I can't remember a time that she wasn't here. And we officially have a mobile baby! She rolls everywhere! She's working on crawling, but we've still got a ways to go. I think she'll be a roller for a while, like her oldest cousin was when she was a baby.

 We gave her a bite of mashed potatoes a couple of nights ago, because Mister just couldn't wait any longer. She looked at us like we were nuts. She is just not ready for food yet. I knew it in my gut, but no one would listen. She didn't gag or choke, but she's just not interested, and she's doing just fine on her milkies as of right now. Mother really does know best.
I love this picture. Seeing how tiny she was, and how much she's grown. It also makes me a little sad. It's all happening so fast. I'm so blessed that I got this chance to have this amazing, beautiful, bright little girl. I'm the luckiest mommy alive. And I will be one of those moms that continuously gushes about their kids. My kid and my husband are my life. My life will always revolve around them.

This is the picture Sweet Pea is holding. She was such a tiny little squish!