Thursday, December 26, 2013

A tickle from hell

That moment when you have a sleeping baby on your chest, and a tickle in your throat. Then you start to panic as you turn blue from trying to suppress the cough that is inevitable, as to not wake to baby. Your eyes start to water, as you quickly sip some water. IT'S NOT HELPING!!!!!

Maybe just a little cough? Just to take the edge off. Then I can sneak some Christmas chocolate to smooth out the rest...don't judge.

Who was I kidding. It just caused a hacking fit, woke the baby. She gave me a really dirty look.






I peed myself.

Wordless Wednesday (a day late, and only because I have no energy to do a real post)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rough days

I have been having a hard few days, let's make that a hard week, emotionally. I'm not quite sure why, but it sucks. I've been more moody than usual, and taking it out on others. I've also been sleeping way too much, which I hate. Let's face it. I'm depressed. Is it postpartum depression? God, I hope not. But I have a suspicion it might be.

Sweet Pea has been extra cranky lately, which isn't helping. I think she's seriously teething. I've found myself snapping at her, which is horrible. She's 6 months old, she doesn't know what I'm saying. That's when I knew I needed to reach out for help.

I called my mom and asked if she would like to go for a drive with me, while Mister stayed with Sweet Pea. I'm still not comfortable with anyone else watching her. She, of course said yes, and came right over.

When she got got here she had some goodies for me! She brought me some Wen shampoo, and other products! We then hopped in the car and went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Craft Warehouse and then the Carter's outlet. Carter's was having a good sale so she went a little crazy on baby clothes. Retail therapy is good for the soul. I needed to get out of the house so badly. And I had a few things I needed to exchange at Carter's anyway. I appreciate it so much.

When we got home Sweet Pea was literally jumping up and down, she was so excited to see me. I missed her too! I gave her lots of kisses. Then came bedtime...She was tired. I could see it. But instead of going to sleep she melted down. I mean like a nuclear melt down. She screamed for an hour, and then vomited until she turned purple. I had to give her a bath because she smelled so bad of rotten milk, but she screamed through that too.

I finally got her dressed in a clean pair of jammies, and Mister bounced her on the exercise ball. She was asleep in 30 seconds. I then decided to utilize this sleeping baby time, and run through the shower. Did I forget to mention the vomit was on me, and my hair? Perfect excuse to use my new shampoo. Nice timing kid. It's awesome by the way. The next day, my hair wasn't frizzy!

Also, when I had my placenta encapsulated, I paid extra for a tincture. The lady never gave it to me! It was supposed to be ready in 12 weeks. Sweet Pea is nearly 7 months now.... I've contacted her several times. She wanted me to drive way the hell out to wherever she lives to pick it up, so I asked her to mail it. She said it would be an extra $5.00! So we sent her another $5.00, and haven't heard anything since. Her business Facebook page says they aren't taking any new clients for 8 weeks, due to births. Well, I'm an existing client. I want a full refund, including the $5.00. I've had my mom contact her a few times too, she's going to call her tomorrow. I'm sure the tincture would have come in handy this past week.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Letters to Sweet Pea 6.5 months

Dear Sweet Pea,

These months have just flown by. On one hand, it seems like you were born just yesterday. On the other, I can't remember what life was like before you made our family whole. Each day is precious, even the stressful ones, because you're in it.

You rarely cry, unless you're tired or hungry. You eat about 6oz at a time now! And what was once thrashing around to find the bottle's nipple, has been replaced with this adorable puckering of the lips, followed by some tongue thrusting.

For a while, you wouldn't let anyone but mommy feed you, not even daddy! But now that you're older, and wiser, you eat just fine for daddy, and are even letting grandma feed you an ounce or two now ans then.

You've just started trying solid food, and you're not too sure about it. You had a horrible reaction to sweet potatoes, but you really enjoyed playing with an apple! You've also tried grapes and banana too, I think apples were your favorite.

You sleep through the night completely now! We go to bed around 10:30PM and you sleep until 9:30AM! Both daddy and I are very happy about this.
You still sleep with mommy every night, which I love! I love getting to fall asleep to your sweet baby smell. For a while, you were putting your hand over your face as you fell asleep during naps, and would caress/slap my face as you fell asleep in bed. Then that turned into rubbing my chest as you fell asleep, both during naps and at bed time. Now you like to have a blanket right up against your face, which makes mommy very nervous.

You have developed so much, in such a short amount of time! You're officially a mobile baby. We can't put you on the floor and leave the room anymore. You roll all over the place! Just today, you rolled over to your toy basket, and dumped out all your toys! Then you played with them for a good 45 minutes. Your all time favorite toy is your jumperoo. You just love jumping in it. If we're out of the house too long, and you don't get to jump, you go through withdrawals.

You used to love bath time, but since it's gotten colder, you throw complete fits whenever try to give you a bath in your old tub. It's heartbreaking, So I've been filling the kitchen sink with warm water and bathing you that way. You're not too sure about it, but it keeps you from crying, and you get clean.

You are the most social baby I've ever seen! You love when complete strangers talk to you, you just give them the biggest grin. You absolutely love visiting family! You will let anyone hold you. You bring so much joy to so many lives.

You have been talking so much! Whenever you want to be picked up, or if you're upset, you say "Mama mama!" And just recently when you're happy and in a good mood, you will shout out, "dadda! dadda!" Your main communication remains to be raspberries, and that's ok, we love it!

We are getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas, and I can't wait! I also can't believe how fast this time has gone by. You are the light of our lives. We love you so much Sweet Pea!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Good thing we call her "Poops"

Last week we went to dinner at my dad and step mom's, for my dad's birthday. My grandparents were there too. It was delicious. Sweet Pea had fun, and even tried a tiny amount of sweet potato. She didn't seem too impressed. She kind of just stared at all of us like we were nuts. But she swallowed it, probably just to be polite.

We went on about our evening. Sweet Pea charmed everyone, as she tends to do. My step mom even got several giggles out of her! At one point, my step mom had Sweet Pea on her lap, and one of their cats got a little jealous. Not in an angry way, but in an, I'm going to come sit on this lap too, just so you're clear it belongs to me, way. Sweet Pea was very interested. She grabbed right on to his fur and pulled. I of course got nervous, and the cat started purring!

We passed Sweet Pea to my dad, and she started fussing, which is not like her. I tried to feed her, but she was super distracted, so we went downstairs, where it was quiet. She ate, and I tried to give her back to my dad, but she fussed again. So we decided to have cake.

Sweet Pea sat in her highchair and held hands with my grandma, as she pooped. (Sweet Pea! Not my grandma. That would be quite awkward.

Mister wanted to wait to change her until we got home, because she was tired and cranky. That just wasn't going to work. I laid her down, unbuttoned her adorable new outfit my aunt had just bought for her, and pulled back her diaper. She might as well have not been wearing a diaper!! It went all the way up her back! I started pulling out wipes, there were only 2! Sh!t! Literally!! I asked my step mom for some paper towels. As she was getting those, I peeled off Sweet Pea's brand new, now stinky poo covered outfit, and set it to the side just out of reach.

My step mom then came back with paper towels and Charmin moist towelettes. Perfect! Those are like big people wipes! I got her all cleaned off, and laid her back down. While I was looking for her change of clothes, Sweet Pea started squirming and fussing again, so Mister handed her her blanket to play with. Only, it wasn't her blanket. It was her poopy clothes!!!! She had poop on "all over" her face! (In reality, it was only by her eye and mouth. But.....It's POOP!) I cleaned her up and went back to looking for her change of clothes.

Why couldn't I find her clothes?! Oh, because I used them when I changed her at JCPenny's after her 6 month pictures, and forgot to put new clothes in the diaper bag! All I had in there was a zip up hoodie and a blanket. Bad mom award given to...ME!! On it went, and out the door we went.

She fell asleep on the way home, but once we got home, it all went to hell. She woke up, and screamed for two hours straight. Nothing we did would calm her down. Towards the end of this scream fest, she threw up 3 separate times! Projectile, I might add. All over the changing table, and then herself, and then the duvet cover. While projectile vomiting, she would start choking, so we would panic.

Also, either the wipes or the sweet potatoes gave Sweet Pea a rash on her back.

We are now officially waiting for her to start solids.