Monday, December 2, 2013

Good thing we call her "Poops"

Last week we went to dinner at my dad and step mom's, for my dad's birthday. My grandparents were there too. It was delicious. Sweet Pea had fun, and even tried a tiny amount of sweet potato. She didn't seem too impressed. She kind of just stared at all of us like we were nuts. But she swallowed it, probably just to be polite.

We went on about our evening. Sweet Pea charmed everyone, as she tends to do. My step mom even got several giggles out of her! At one point, my step mom had Sweet Pea on her lap, and one of their cats got a little jealous. Not in an angry way, but in an, I'm going to come sit on this lap too, just so you're clear it belongs to me, way. Sweet Pea was very interested. She grabbed right on to his fur and pulled. I of course got nervous, and the cat started purring!

We passed Sweet Pea to my dad, and she started fussing, which is not like her. I tried to feed her, but she was super distracted, so we went downstairs, where it was quiet. She ate, and I tried to give her back to my dad, but she fussed again. So we decided to have cake.

Sweet Pea sat in her highchair and held hands with my grandma, as she pooped. (Sweet Pea! Not my grandma. That would be quite awkward.

Mister wanted to wait to change her until we got home, because she was tired and cranky. That just wasn't going to work. I laid her down, unbuttoned her adorable new outfit my aunt had just bought for her, and pulled back her diaper. She might as well have not been wearing a diaper!! It went all the way up her back! I started pulling out wipes, there were only 2! Sh!t! Literally!! I asked my step mom for some paper towels. As she was getting those, I peeled off Sweet Pea's brand new, now stinky poo covered outfit, and set it to the side just out of reach.

My step mom then came back with paper towels and Charmin moist towelettes. Perfect! Those are like big people wipes! I got her all cleaned off, and laid her back down. While I was looking for her change of clothes, Sweet Pea started squirming and fussing again, so Mister handed her her blanket to play with. Only, it wasn't her blanket. It was her poopy clothes!!!! She had poop on "all over" her face! (In reality, it was only by her eye and mouth. But.....It's POOP!) I cleaned her up and went back to looking for her change of clothes.

Why couldn't I find her clothes?! Oh, because I used them when I changed her at JCPenny's after her 6 month pictures, and forgot to put new clothes in the diaper bag! All I had in there was a zip up hoodie and a blanket. Bad mom award given to...ME!! On it went, and out the door we went.

She fell asleep on the way home, but once we got home, it all went to hell. She woke up, and screamed for two hours straight. Nothing we did would calm her down. Towards the end of this scream fest, she threw up 3 separate times! Projectile, I might add. All over the changing table, and then herself, and then the duvet cover. While projectile vomiting, she would start choking, so we would panic.

Also, either the wipes or the sweet potatoes gave Sweet Pea a rash on her back.

We are now officially waiting for her to start solids.