Monday, December 16, 2013

Letters to Sweet Pea 6.5 months

Dear Sweet Pea,

These months have just flown by. On one hand, it seems like you were born just yesterday. On the other, I can't remember what life was like before you made our family whole. Each day is precious, even the stressful ones, because you're in it.

You rarely cry, unless you're tired or hungry. You eat about 6oz at a time now! And what was once thrashing around to find the bottle's nipple, has been replaced with this adorable puckering of the lips, followed by some tongue thrusting.

For a while, you wouldn't let anyone but mommy feed you, not even daddy! But now that you're older, and wiser, you eat just fine for daddy, and are even letting grandma feed you an ounce or two now ans then.

You've just started trying solid food, and you're not too sure about it. You had a horrible reaction to sweet potatoes, but you really enjoyed playing with an apple! You've also tried grapes and banana too, I think apples were your favorite.

You sleep through the night completely now! We go to bed around 10:30PM and you sleep until 9:30AM! Both daddy and I are very happy about this.
You still sleep with mommy every night, which I love! I love getting to fall asleep to your sweet baby smell. For a while, you were putting your hand over your face as you fell asleep during naps, and would caress/slap my face as you fell asleep in bed. Then that turned into rubbing my chest as you fell asleep, both during naps and at bed time. Now you like to have a blanket right up against your face, which makes mommy very nervous.

You have developed so much, in such a short amount of time! You're officially a mobile baby. We can't put you on the floor and leave the room anymore. You roll all over the place! Just today, you rolled over to your toy basket, and dumped out all your toys! Then you played with them for a good 45 minutes. Your all time favorite toy is your jumperoo. You just love jumping in it. If we're out of the house too long, and you don't get to jump, you go through withdrawals.

You used to love bath time, but since it's gotten colder, you throw complete fits whenever try to give you a bath in your old tub. It's heartbreaking, So I've been filling the kitchen sink with warm water and bathing you that way. You're not too sure about it, but it keeps you from crying, and you get clean.

You are the most social baby I've ever seen! You love when complete strangers talk to you, you just give them the biggest grin. You absolutely love visiting family! You will let anyone hold you. You bring so much joy to so many lives.

You have been talking so much! Whenever you want to be picked up, or if you're upset, you say "Mama mama!" And just recently when you're happy and in a good mood, you will shout out, "dadda! dadda!" Your main communication remains to be raspberries, and that's ok, we love it!

We are getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas, and I can't wait! I also can't believe how fast this time has gone by. You are the light of our lives. We love you so much Sweet Pea!