Monday, January 6, 2014

Best. Dream. Ever.

I started to write this yesterday, but noticed all of my pictures were missing...I apparently, had deleted them all! So, instead of writing about my amazing dream, I spent the day adding a lot of pictures, back to the blog.

I had an amazing dream the night before last. I dreamed that I was still pregnant with Sweet Pea, but that I went into natural labor with her. Which I guess, I did. We were all in the hospital, and I remember feeling each contraction. I remember deeply breathing through each one, and thinking how intense they were. But I also remember how amazing it felt. In my dream I pushed Sweet Pea out of my vagina! It was awesome!

I don't have any ill feelings towards my delivery with Sweet Pea, but when I woke up from this dream, I felt incredible! Like it was a healing experience, from something I didn't know I need healing from. I looked forward to going to sleep last night, in hope of having the same dream. It didn't work.