Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goals and a quick update

I get overwhelmed quite easily, so I have to set small goals for myself. Each night, most nights, while in bed, I lay there trying to fall asleep and I'll set small goals for myself for the next day. They can be as small as plugging in her Leap Frog My Pal, and taking off the Christmas music, just something so I feel like I accomplished something for the day. *Note to self: Take Christmas music off the dog*

I do my best thinking when I'm laying in bed, trying to unwind, and fall asleep. My mind goes a million miles a minute. It's when I come up with all of these great blog post ideas. And then, by morning, they're gone. Every last one of them. So, I've started jotting them down when I think of them. That doesn't mean I have the energy to write them, but I've got ideas! That counts for something...right? Doesn't every blogger come to this point? Where they promise to write later? I promise, I'll be better at this later.

A quick update to hold you over:

Sweet Pea has cut not one, but TWO teeth! They're not the bottom teeth like I had expected. She first cut the Lateral Incisor on the upper left, on January 13, 2014, and then the Lateral Incisor on the upper right on January 22, 2014, a day before her 8 month birthday! 

She's working so hard on crawling, and is super close. She gets up on all fours, and rocks and then lunges forward. It's pretty hilarious. To get around she mainly does this seal hop/crawl, or she'll roll around.

She's got the most hilarious personality I've ever seen in a baby. She's funny, and she knows it. She aims to please and entertain. She's started sticking her tongue, thanks to Great Grandma's teachings. 
She's communicating just a tad too. She says and understands Mama and Dada, and when she's hungry she'll say "nay nay", along side the crying of course.  She's still not very interested in food yet. We'll give her a bite here and there of what we're eating, but other that that, she couldn't care less. Her favorites are potatoes, refried beans, steak *just to suck on*, apples, and that's about it. She's happy with her milkies. 

She's wearing 12 month clothes now! She's not just chunky, but she's long too. We really need to install her new car seat!!

Also, we're switching over cloth diapers, but that's one of the new posts I plan on writing about.

So I guess this did turn into a real post after all. You're welcome.