Monday, February 3, 2014

Big spoon Little spoon

From the time Sweet Pea was two weeks old, we've slept the same way. She faces me, and uses my arm as a pillow.

Over the last couple of weeks, Sweet Pea has started wiggling in the night, and insisting on sleeping on her belly, while still using my arm as a pillow, mind you. This has proved to be quite awkward and uncomfortable for me during the night, so much so, that I've been contemplating sidecaring the crib to the bed, and transferring Sweet Pea there once she falls asleep. But last night was so cozy, we may hold off a bit longer. 

She started out wiggling and moving. Fussing and griping. Nothing I was doing would settle her down. Then, she flipped onto her belly. That helped the fussing issue, and settled the wiggling down a bit. 

She tossed and turned for a few more minutes, and then got onto her side....facing away from me! Then fell right to sleep. I'm not going to lie, I was a little heartbroken. It makes her seem so grown up! My cousin suggested this a few months ago, and I scoffed at the idea, because after all, Sweet Pea. Is just a tiny baby. We slept like that for hours, spooning. It was so comfortable. And I could sniff all of her sweet baby head smell, instead on just the top. 

I did constantly check to make sure the blankets didn't make their way up to her face. I usually tuck them behind her back, but she was facing that way this time. She also tends to pull blankets to her face as she's falling asleep, as well as in her sleep. Makes me nervous as hell.