Sunday, February 23, 2014

The switch

Yesterday Sweet Pea and I went to visit a new friend at a local baby store. Her and her wife recently found out that they're pregnant! As soon as I found out, I immediately got to work on a newborn hat for the baby. 
The baby following a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby, and unfortunately J and her wife have experienced a few losses. So, I made a rainbow hat. 

While we were there, J let Sweet Pea pick out a cloth diaper to take home! It was so sweet, and generous. It made me a little teary eyed. I gave her a big hug, thanked her, and congratulated her on her good news.

We switched to cloth diapers about a month ago. And can I just say, I LOVE it! I wash them every third day, and it's fun! I actually look forward to changing her diaper, except the fighting me part. This kid is ridiculously strong!! 

I decided to switch to cloth when I found out about a diaper lending program. We decided to go with Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. I applied and heard back in just a few days. They sent us 8 diapers to borrow, until Sweet Pea has learned to use the potty. I also had a couple friends send us diapers that they're no longer using. 

The wash routine is pretty simple. 
This is my wash regimen:
Cold rinse
Heavy load wash with hot water and detergent (not soap)
Another cold rinse

Most of the time, all of the soap comes out. But every once in a while there are some suds left, so I'll do another quick rinse. 

It's really quite addicting. There are so many cute diapers out there! I made a trade online with Sweet Pea's old amber anklet. We got an adorable pink diaper with peacocks on it! Love it!