Sunday, April 27, 2014

How this mornings breakfast went

I prepared oatmeal with some applesauce in it for Sweet Pea, like I've done dozens of times. And cut up some banana for her to feed herself.

I fed her a few bites of oatmeal, as she screamed at me in between each bite, I assumed because I wasn't feeding her fast enough.

She squished the banana in her hands. And rubbed it in her hair. I despise bananas. Like, they make me gag. So....this is extra gross. 

I fed, tried to her more oatmeal, and she slapped the spoon out of my hand. The oatmeal went flying all across my arm, and my fresh laundered shirt. -.- Thanks kid. 

I may have said a bad word.

She ate in total, 4 bites of oatmeal, and 4 bites of banana. 

I knew she wanted cottage cheese. If my Poops wanted cottage cheese, cottage cheese is what she was going to get. So I got it. Scooped it into a bowl. Spooned some for Sweet Pea....she stone walled me. Not one bite. -.-

I think she's teething. She's very cranky and clingy. Poor baby. 

Proof that I don't usually mind a mess