Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Velcro = Pants on

Sunday afternoon we had some of my family over for Mister's birthday, which was yesterday. We had pizza, and I made cupcakes. My dad and step-mom got him a couple gift certificates to our favorite restaurant, that my family has been going to since my dad was a child. So, we decided to go last night, for Mister's actual birthday. 

As soon as we got in the car, Sweet Pea fell asleep. Which was bitter sweet because, I wasn't sure she knew she could fall asleep in her new car seat, without melting down. But, we don't live that far away from the restaurant....so we drove around a bit, and got gas. Then, just headed there. We ended up waking her once we got there, but she was jolly to get out of the car.

She ate so much! She had 3-4 olives, a cracker, some cream of broccoli soup, several bites of PRIME RIB, gerber puffs, some pickle.....My mind was a little blown. As was her diaper a couple hours later.

Yea. That's what this post is really about. Poop. 

I cleaned her up, put a fresh diaper on her. And we, as a family, sat down to watch some tv before bed. I looked over to Sweet Pea playing on the floor, and noticed her playing with a cloth. Didn't think too much of it. But looked a few more times, because I didn't know what it was. IT WAS HER DIAPER! Not just her diaper, her POOPY diaper! OMG! Two poops in one day?! 

Mister grabbed Sweet Pea, I grabbed the diaper, and we all three ran down the hall. I cleaned her up again. Put her night time diaper on, and came back out to the front room, expecting the worst. 

There was no poop anywhere! It all stayed in the diaper.

New rule. Velcro = Pants on!