Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Dreams

I had a dream last night about one of my cousins. I don't get to see him very much, and I'm sure it's because I'm hoping him and his wife are coming to Sweet Pea's birthday. Along with his brother and brother's girlfriend. Now thinking back, I can't really remember what the dream was about, but I remember being really happy. 

I grew up spending a lot of time at both sets of cousins houses. But, in the summers I would spend a lot of time at this cousin's house in particular. His younger brother and I are only 6 months apart, so we were best friends growing up. 

My youngest cousin has some serious baby fever, which I fully support. And my older female cousin has one little boy (who goes by Bug on here) and is currently pregnant with her second little boy! We've grown very close as we've gotten older, and our children have just brought us even closer. And!! She told me last night that Bug might get to come to the party! I've been bummed because she has to work, and lives out of town, but his dad offered to bring him down!! Yaay!

Then we have my younger male cousin, younger by 6 whole months! Him and the 6 months older cousin were born on the same day, but a year apart. We grew up really close too. Him and his baby rabies sister. Unfortunately him and his wife won't be able to make it to Sweet Pea's party. I don't get to see them nearly enough either. 

Then their's the youngest of our clan. I didn't have the privilege of meeting her until 2008, when her father married my aunt, but her and her brother's became instant family. She just recently got married, and it was a beautiful ceremony. I don't think they're coming to the party either. But her brother and his amazing family is, which is great, because I'd love to get to know them better.

I tried to find a picture of all of us as kids, on my computer, but I don't have one. I'd have to scan it...and Sweet Pea is sleeping. Maybe I'll add one later. 

I love my family so much. I didn't grow up with siblings, so my cousins were the next best thing.