Thursday, May 1, 2014

Outdoor play and sick baby

Monday Sweet Pea woke up with the sniffles, and a little cough. We didn't think much of it, probably just a cold. Which isn't bad, since it's only her second time being sick, ever! By Monday night, she had a fever of 101.2, her first fever ever. And had thrown up....twice. Not just a cold.

The next day Sweet Pea seemed to be back to her old self, she was playing on the floor and didn't have a fever. It was a beautiful day in the PNW, so we decided to venture out, since since she was feeling so well. 
We decided to head up to my mom's, so Sweet Pea cold play outside, aaaaand....I could pick up my Rock-a-bye Booty diaper covers! LOVE THEM! The black and white one is a Flip cover from Bumgenius. She even gave me a little cloth diaper key chain! So freaking cute!

As soon as my mom got home,  she scooped Sweet Pea up and went to sit in the sun.

She then took Sweet Pea into the grass. It was Sweet Pea's first time in the grass. We don't really have any where we live, and the weather has been crappy. She wasn't too sure about it at first, and kept picking up her feet, like a cat in water. It was hilarious. But she soon warmed up to it, and had a blast.

We spent a couple hours outside, just playing in the grass. Sweet Pea had so much fun, pulling out the blades of grass, trying to eat them....she got one in her mouth, and choked on it for a while.

She even got some naked time outside when it was time to change her diaper. She enjoyed that quite a bit.

And would you take a look at this dress? Last weekend, my mom and I went to a church charity thing, where they were giving out free children's clothing. And this was one of our finds. I'm loving it! I think I want to start dressing Sweet Pea in all vintage clothing! LOVE IT!

After playing outside for hours, Sweet Pea fell asleep on my mom! She hasn't fallen asleep on anyone besides me, other than Mister, since she was a tiny baby! She was tired. We went inside, and my mom said Sweet Pea felt like she was getting warm again. I took her temperature, it was 99.8....well crap. We headed home. 

When we got home, we had to wake Sweet Pea, and the master was not pleased. She screamed, and screamed. So much so, she vomited. 

Her temperature went up to 100.2. She was obviously in pain, and we believe in treating the child, not the fever. So we gave her some medicine. She immediately seemed better. She wanted to play, and actually eat.

Last night we went to bed without a fever, and went all day without vomiting. But today, woke up with a horrible cough, and a runny nose. So....we're on the mend?

At this rate, I'm not sure if she'll be well enough for her 12 month pictures on Monday.