Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweet Pea is turning one (Huge Photo Drop)

We finally ventured out yesterday and got Sweet Pea's pictures back. They turned out pretty good, especially since she was still sick. 

We were going to visit my grandparents too but, my Grandpa fell and the sack around his kidney is bleeding. So he's in the hospital. He's alright, but his kidney is bruised, and he's obviously in a lot of pain. 

We also picked up the rest of the swag for the kids' swag bags, for Sweet Pea's party. They're nothing too exciting. Just little toys and such. 

Sweet Pea is turning one, TOMORROW! I'm not quite sure where the time went. She's been walking up a storm. Walking from one spot to another, taking a rest and then taking off again. She's hilarious. We always had a feeling she'd be walking before a year. It's not her main form of transportation, but she's walking.

Oh....did you want to see the pictures? We got family pictures too, but as usual Mister doesn't share his pictures ;)

 We went with a Superman theme for our main photo shoot. I think they turned out so cute!

 Since her party theme is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we had to do one in her birthday tutu too! We got it from She was very accommodating and was sure to get it here in time for the photo shoot and party!

This is our all time favorite one! She has so much sass and attitude!