Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweet Pea's Very Hungry party

Sweet Pea's party was, ah-may-zing! Everyone was so much help, and was so generous. There were a few bumps in the road, but it turned out great!

I didn't get all the decorating I had planned done, but I got most of it up. We tried to do everything the night before, but with a 12 month old, it didn't really work out. All we really got done were getting these adorable balloon caterpillars up. 
The day of the party Sweet Pea and I got up (we stayed the night at my mom's) and tried to stay as close to our routine as possible, while trying to get things done. My mom was making cakes, while I was trying to get more decorating done. Then came nap time.

I needed her to nap before the party, so she wouldn't be a complete mess. The problem was, she usually naps on me, and I needed to help my mom. So I got her to sleep, and attempted to transfer her to her pack n play. I put a big fluffy blanket in there, and laid her down on top of it, SUCCESS! I was free to help my mom.

She then had to go pick up the helium balloons from the party I was left alone to finish everything, which was a lot, and I only had an hour to do it. It didn't get done. But! When my BIL and his kids showed up they jumped into action. I missed them so much, so I had to hug them all. Even *I* who is a 14 year old boy and did not want a hug from his aunt haha 
My dad and step mom came and then my aunts. Everyone was helping with making food and setting up tables and chairs, it was great. My grandparents weren't able to come, due to my grandfather falling last week and hurting his kidney really bad. He was in the hospital, and my grandmother was staying with him. But they were there in spirit. 

We had burgers and hot dogs, plus a bunch of sides. Part of the decorations, that I didn't get a picture of, were little tags that said "On Monday he ate through one apple" and then it would be in an apple. It was all very cute. I saved the tags, just didn't get pictures.

After everyone finished eating, we started opening presents. We needed to keep things moving, because my aunts wanted to get back to my grandpa. Everyone was very generous. My nieces and nephew took turns taking pictures of Sweet Pea opening her gifts, so Mister and I could just sit back and watch her rip open.

Mister made her this shirt, just for her birthday!
After presents, Sweet Pea was more than ready for a nap, but we had no time for that. It was time for cake! 

So we stripped her down to her diaper and set her cake in front of her. She still didn't trust that we weren't trying to trick her. So I took a bit of the frosting and put it in her mouth, then she understood JUST fine. 

She fully enjoyed the cake, and the party. The party was a huge success. 

I'm planning on doing her 12 month picture tomorrow, when there is some sun. Hopefully she'll sit still long enough to do it. I might have to bribe her with food or something.