Friday, May 9, 2014


Let me start this out by saying, I try very hard not to judge other people. Especially other mothers, new mothers even more. However, we were at our local WIC office yesterday and there was a new mother there with her teeny tiny newborn baby in his car seat. The father came in shortly after. The baby started crying, then got very loud. They left him in his car seat. The mother told the father to go get the bottle, out of the car. I've been there. Didn't think the baby would need a bottle. He's new, you haven't learned that he will always need a bottle, when you don't think they will. 

When we were done with our appointment, they were still there. The poor little guy was still his car seat. The mother then picked up the car seat and started swinging it.... O.o You know what would be easier? PICKING UP YOUR SCREAMING BABY! All he wanted was for you to hold him. That's it. He wanted to be close to his mother, the place where he just spent his entire life. 

Maybe she had horrible postpartum depression. I don't know. But it broke. my. heart. I literally almost cried. I was almost one of those crazy ladies that goes up and asks to hold someone's baby. 

By the time the father picked up the poor guy, he could barely catch his breath. And his soft spot was bulging. My first thought was that it was because he was crying so hard, but no one else seemed I doubt that's why. But, it did make be feel even worse for him.

Just one of those things that make me hug Sweet Pea a little tighter.

In other news:

We went and got Sweet Pea's ONE YEAR photos taken yesterday! It was a bit stressful, but they turned out, WONDERFUL! She was going on only a 30 minute nap, so she was a bit cranky, but it made for at least one, hilarious picture! 

I can't believe may baby is turning one, it's bitter sweet. I'm looking more forward to it now. I'm getting a little more excited about having a toddler. I'm still sad about losing my little baby, but a toddler will be a lot of fun. 

Sweet Pea has been sick for a week and a half, and gave it to me. She's 99.9% better, I am not. I feel miserable. I can't sleep because I'm coughing so hard, luckily Sweet Pea sleeps right through it. My ribs and head hurt from coughing. I'm just hoping it hasn't turned into pneumonia, as I've had that a handful of times, and you're more susceptible to it each time.