Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm this close....

We were planning on going up to my mom's to visit for the evening. But, that always turns into a lot of work for me. My mom's house isn't very Sweet Pea friendly. There are wires all over the place, which is Sweet Pea's main vice. So we bring the Pac n' Play, which Sweet Pea doesn't really tolerate well. She's used to being able to get up and move as much as she wants.
On top of that, Mister and I are not getting along as best we can. Summer isn't my best time of year mentally, plus taking care of a very active almost toddler. Tension is high right now. So we decided to stay home. And I not so mildly, hinted that Mister will be taking care of Sweet Pea for the rest of the day, while I decompress in the bedroom. 
Sometimes a mom needs some time to cool off on her own. Some freaking space, if you will.